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These are our Happy Halloween pics :) My hubby grew all of the pumpkins!

My hubby planted a whole field of pumpkins this year, but the drought made them ripen late.  September rains came and kicked them into high gear, so we have some pumpkins that are 20 inches across...they are huge! Hubby got creative and put some in the trees, lol.  Moze and Ollie had a great walk after I came home today.  I hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween! We hope you east coast folks can have a fast return to "normal" too.  Hugs, Maggie, Moze, and Ollie


Maggie, Mozart, and Olivia

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Oh my! My Mozie just had a pretty intense seizure, and with him

still having diarrhea, I think it was associated with it.  I gave him some sweet yogurt ice cream to help his sugar level, and comforted him.  He is sleeping now.  We may go back to the boiled burger and rice diet for a good while.  This is such a mystery.  Wondering if he might be diabetic now.  He appears really healthy when he is up and about, poor baby. :(

Please say a prayer for us.



Maggie, Mozart, and Olivia

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oh poor Mozie~~~~Griffin

has problems with seizures....he turned 10 in March and started having them...they scare the crap out of me...he is on meds and they seem to be helping him...they did an MRI to find out if there was a tumor and there wasn't...they can;t explain why....

love the pics

hope you get the answers


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So far, so good this evening. Hubby picked up some TOTW and

the Dick Van Patten mix (can't remember the brand).  I am hoping this with some pumpkin with get him on the right path.  No seizure today.  Keeping fingers crossed! Thanks Deb hugs from Mozie and me


Maggie, Mozart, and Olivia


beautiful pics..............and prayers for Mozie

hope everything is OK!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Poor guy!

He looks so happy below - hard to think he's under the weather!

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WOW!  I love the photos!


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aww...just sweethearts!

smoochies the scrunchy faces

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Your hubby has a kooky sense of humour - I like that!!