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Hey Everyone,

Sumo was seen by a specialist on Monday and the vet confirmed that Sumo does have a full rupture of the CCL.  Surgery is scheduled for Friday. However, during the consultation we were provided with two options: TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) or TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement). We are a little unsure as to which procedure is better, long term , short term, risks, benefits. etc. From my last post, some members have experience with both procedures-just wondering if you can share why you chose one over the other. Also the pricing....most vets we contacted charge more for the TPLO than the TTA, but the vet who is completing the surgery is charging the same price for both the TTA and TPLO does this change your surgery preference?

Thank you,

Susan and Sumo.

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Just wanted to make sure you got my private reply to your message.

TTA I believe is newer then TPLO so I doubt there are many that have experience with it. Unfortunately there are few studies (if any) that give you long term prognosis for any of the methods.

If I was having one done today I would have the TPLO done, if I didn't have the old method done. Because I have seen one with a great outcome from that method. I just don't feel there are studies that show that the bone cutting invasive surgeries are any better then the old method with the advancements in the material used. And with my discussion with one of my vets she agrees that more studies are showing that the old method is as good as TPLO.

But the vets are there to make money and TPLO is about double the cost of the old method, so it makes sense that they are going to recommend either the TTA or the TPLO.

My vote TPLO...just because I have no experience with TTA.

I had the TPLO done on my girl

My girl had to have the TPLO surgery in 2007. She did extrememly well. The orthopedic surgeon said it was the best choice for a bulldog. They kept her overnight, and she was walking on it the next day. The only hard part is I had to keep her on a flat surface for 4 weeks. She did great. She is now almost 11 years old and has never had any issues with the leg again. The surgery is expensive, I spent $3200 on her, but I didn't want her to be crippled and have arthritis. You can always get a second opinion, but I only have experience with the TPLO. Good luck with your bullie.

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TPLO for Sanford

Sanford had the TPLO done 2 years ago and has done pretty well with it (he's 8 yrs old now). He does favor the leg a little bit if he's been really active so I just keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't overexert himself.

The hardest part for us was keeping him off it for 12 weeks. I slept downstairs with him on the couch the whole time (so I guess it was hard for me, really), but overall I think he did pretty well.

Our regular vet does not perform the TPLO so we went to a specialist who kept him overnight under constant supervision (they even had a camera I could watch to keep an eye on him) and I was able to pick him up the next day. It was pricey - over $3000 but I have pet insurance so they did end up paying 80% of the bill.

Good Luck, I hope Sumo's surgery goes well and he recovers fully.

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no experience

But wish you bully an speedy recovery.


Cory & Penelope

Sadie had the TTA procedure done 5 yrs. We chose the

TTA  1) her age...she was 8 at the time 2) She was not very active.  She has not had any other issues with that knee.