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South bound end of some north bound Bullies

Buddy and Brother both went into Brothers cage to smell Brothers blanket. We use Apple cider vinegar in the wash as a softener....and kill germs. Almost didn't get the shot cause they break pose when they hear the camera come on.....


Mean people still suck

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Oops two more things

One is, this is I guess the first pic of the rearend of Brother [He's white] since he had his tail "docked"  I use the term as that is what the Dr, did.  Brother had a bad infection and nothing fixed it till some of it was removed...Big decision for me, but the Dog's quality of life is so much improved, I feel I made the right decision, as I fought it for a year through many different treatment plans, and now it's good.

And the plastic bottle in the pic is a foot powder container.  Notice the tip.  Bubby has a tail pocket too, and I can direct powder into the correct place to do the job, it just sprays like a stream,with no mess or waste.  It has helped the dog too as the powder gets into the places so well....Bud's problem?.....his Brother likes to lick him.....



Mean people still suck

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So cute...

I love to look at bully butts.  We use a picnic ketchup bottle for tail pockets, when Newman sees it, he runs right to me and assumes the position.  

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Oooh, I just wanna.......

........ rub the heck out of those two bums :)


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