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A Sophia pic....

This was taken a few weeks ago in my truck. Sophie was just sitting there and fell asleep:-) 

Beautiful Sophie

And this is a pic from yesterday of the babies. The palomino filly in front is Visa, she is 19 months old and a cutting prospect. Then the little guy behind her, the smallest of the trio is my baby Jaffe (pronounced like coffee with a J), he is 7 months old and my reining prospect. The taller Liver Chestnut filly is Amari, she is 2 years old and will be a roper. I thought it was a cute pic and wanted to share:-)

The babies


Amy and Sophia

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Love your family

All of them! I think the horses were posing for you! lol I am now just learning about horses from a co-worker. What magnificant animals they are. Thank you for sharing. No snow in your area yet? I am in northern Canada and have had snow for over a month now. The only one who enjoys it is Emma the bull dog. lol

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Hi:-) Nope, no snow here!

We live in North Central Texas, about 40 minutes west of Fort Worth. We get very little to no snow during our winters. That is fine by me!

I have 15 horses of my own plus I co-own a horse with a friend. I also have a baby due in February that hoefully will be my eventer in the future. The little blonde filly in the picture belongs to the friend I co-own one of my other horses with. The other two babies pictured are mine. I do a lot of equine rescue, that is how I have come to have so many! Over all we have 20 19 horses on my ranch with two due this spring.

Have a great day up in Canada! Stay warm:-) 


Amy and Sophia

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That's so funny how they fall asleep sitting up...

my guys do that too.  She's adorable.

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Thanks Kathy:-)

Sophia is so sweet...usually! I love when she doese in the sunshine when she is hanging out in my truck waiting for me to finish chores. I usually have to move her off my seat though! She likes sleeping in the drivers seat for some reason:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Sweet, snoozy angel

Sophia, you're such a sweet, sweet thing.

Love your horsey sibs too!

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She is a silly girl:-)

How are you Celine? Hope all is well up there in COLD land! Yikes! Stay warm, and here's a warm hug from Sophia and I:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Awe! Love them all!

Beautiful Sophia and the horses too!


PollyAnna's Words of Wisdom


Beautiful pics.

Thanks for sharing.

I just love to watch a cutting horse at work.  They amaze me.  Super intelligent and it is definitely worth getting up early to see them at the rodeos.

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aww...smoochies the scrunchy

aww...smoochies the scrunchy face

love the pics of the horsies also!

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I feel toastier already!

Actually, it's been relatively warm for this time of year.  I'm still wearing my fall coat - although my ears get pretty cold!!

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Oops that went above with the reply


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awwww that girl has it so "rough"

love the pics guys have allot of critters... hope that you have a great Thanksgiving~~~~


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Life is so tiring Mom, gotta sleep while I



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Vancouver, Canada

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oh, miss sophie........nice lookin' equines amy!!



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



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