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Rebel's reaction to my request he go potty in the rain

I don't think it is going to happen...

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I'll bet the rain gets in the wrinkles.

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LOL I just love the faces!!!!

LOL I just love the faces!!!!


Oh my...that is some major stinkeye...

Love it


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Ha! Not likely mom!!

Seriously funny face!


Amy and Sophia

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*lol*...umm..that's what you

*lol*...umm..that's what you think mom!
what a face!
smooochies the scrunchy face

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Now that is stink eye...too funny



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That is some serious stink eye...

can't blame him one bit! What a cutie :)


Cathy & Zimmer



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I think you need to build a tinkle shelter so Rebel never, ever gets wet. I mean it!

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Love it made me laugh!

Boy she knows how to work them. I don't think you have a chance. Lol you might say your sorry and just sit down. Lol I can't stop laughing. We know who the boss. When they us the stink eye. I know just go sit down. Happy Valentine day. 



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ROFL!!!!!!! Oh wow, such stink-eye!!! I KNOW that look---

Meaty will NOT go potty in the rain, but Sophie will......funny how they can be so different! 


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