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Rebel update Month 2

Rebel had his 2 month check up today at the oncologist. He has hemangiosarcoma and was given "8-80 days". Well, that was 60
days ago and he is doing very well! His blood counts are much better, and his tumor is smaller we are treating with an oral chemo like drug and some Chinese herbs. He's not had many side effects (only some diarrhea). He doesn't seem to be in pain and he acts like his regular, bulldog self. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! And keep them coming. We are enjoying every day.

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Thanks for the up date an I so glad to hear everythings good

I hope everything will continue to get go well an that's the end of your stress an pain


Cory & Penelope

Sending you positive thoughts and prayers.................

this is, indeed, good news!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)