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Got in touch with her vet and she will be able to come home this afternoon. She does not have a fever and her chest is clearer. New antibiotic regimen at home. I love this baby. Thanks for all of your well wishes!


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Do the Shower

thing, it will help her, but only for 10 min each time - as you know bulldogs don't do good in the humidity! I was just reading about watermelons too - give her tiny pieces to keep her hydrated (if she likes it, fingers crossed) just take the seeds out.
I feel your pain, We had to keep the dogs separated during all of this, it stunk, but it was best for her - kept her in her crate the whole time.. it's better for her anyway, she can rest... Let us know how she is doing - did they put her in a breathing tent? (we were almost there, thank god we didn't have to do that) Our Emergency Pet Hospital is like a mortgage payment for an overnight stay!
What antibiotics did they give you?? Did they give you a steroid for her breathing - of so watch out, they get crazy hyper on that (it's funny to watch) that is why the crate comes in handy too! it will keep her from running around?

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Prayers for Pickles

I hope she can beat this real soon. I know it's sucks when our babie are down.