Nicole, You have been in my prayers and constant thoughts.

I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved Lacy.

It is disgusting that law enforcement or the humane society hasn't returned you call for help. That just adds insult to injury.

Was this dog caretaker licensed or insured? It may be possible to make a claim against her insurance carrier.

I've been racking my brain for ideas that might help you. I think a Facebook page focusing on your quest for information and justice would help bring attention to this, and embarrass the law enforcement to actually do something.

I would also suggest a petition on

I would also suggest speaking to the veterinarian Lacy had if it is possible to do forensic DNA identification of any of the contents that were mailed to you. There is a company
founded by veterinarian, Kay Halverson that specializes in pet DNA Forensics. They have worked with law enforcement many times. The company is QUESTGEN in Davis, California.

You could also consult an attorney specializing n Animal Law to sue this woman for damages.

One thing that struck me immediately upon reading what happened to you and Lacy, is where are the complete remains
of Lacy? This situation is just unconscionable. This woman has to be a monster to send you a package like that. I am wondering if this psycho has done this before, or if she a history of stealing dogs and then reselling them.

I am so sorry for the trauma and loss you have suffered.

Please let me know if I can make any calls for you, or others inquiries to help.


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Very good point about the woman probably selling Lacy....

I would definitely get a DNA sample run. Take any hair you have from her that you know is hers, and have them DNA both samples. That will tell you more than just getting a bag of rocks with hair in it. And if local law enforcement aren't doing anything, contact the local media for help. They might investigate it and ruan story on the woman. They sometimes have better investigators than police departments?...


Amy and Sophia

It's sad

that most of our law enforcement out there won't even get involved in such investigations. I got scammed once online. This lady had such a good story, she was selling 2 bulldogs... It was the biggest scam and I found her out - I called the police in the town where she lived an they told me I had to call my police dept. and they would contact them to do an investigation. My police dept didn't want to hear a thing about some girl scamming people out of hundreds of dollars... Pretty Sad... I hope that you find out who did this to your Lacy - cause this is just a sin.
Lot's of Luck! You will be in my thoughts....

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All very strange!

Without more details like who was this person that was careing for her. A friend or someone that does this as a business?

Was she an intact bitch?

It is very sad. I hope Nicole can get some answers and find peace. I know I would never sleep until I found out why and what happened to my baby.