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My Dreadnought hasn't pooped for 3 days; at what point do I worry?

Dreadnought had diarrhea about two weeks ago...gross, explosive, icky diarrhea.  We took him to the vet, and he was tested for a number of things, everything was clear and the vet gave us some medication.  One for the bactaria or whatever might be causing the diarrhea and one to help stop it (amforal).  The diarrhea stopped after a few doses of the amforal but returned when we cut back the medication so the vet said to put him back on it for a few days.  We did and now Dread is constipated.  Poor guy hasn't doo dooed in over 3 days.  He isn't straining to go...he just has no interest.  He seems to feel fine although he has thrown up a couple of times in the last few days.  Nothing that worries me too much since he throws up sometimes when he takes meds.  

Anywho, I'm calling the vet again this morning to see what she recommends but I wanted to ask my "experts" what their take on it was.  I feel like most of yall have been there/done that and can maybe give me some good advice.  Thanks so much!  


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Poor Dreadnought...

I hope he feels better soon.  

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I'd give him some pumpkin.  it works both ways, a good source of natural fiber.

I'm some what of an expert on constipation now with MacKenzie, he's had to have 2 surgical procedures for he has to have a laxative every couple of days and lots of fiber.  If he doesn't poop in 2 days I'm freaking out. 

Has Dreadnought been drinking plenty of water? 

I'd take him for a walk and see if you can get stuff moving.

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Thanks for the info

We have walked and The Boy is just not interested in taking care of business.  He is more interested in the leaves, the squirrels, the acorns falling...I swear he has got to be AD/HD.  :-)  

I'm going to ask the vet if she would recommend pumpkin.  I wanted to give him a little to get things going, but the husband wants me to talk to the vet first.  

He is on a bland diet (chicken and rice) so I am wondering if there isn't enough fiber in his diet right now.  Geez, I worry about this dog so much.  I swear I think I sound like a neurotic psycho sometimes.  :-)  


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no worries sweetie...that's

no worries sweetie...that's how i was w/my archie too...obsessive one might even say,lol

i've heard pumpkin does the trick...and this might souns a lil silly but maybe prunes-if they're

not harmful to bullies?

hope he feels better soon,(((hugs)))

smoochies the scrunchy face

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Prunes would be a no no for a dog...

I know raisins are poison for dogs and prunes seem to be in the same family.

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ah!!thnx for letting me know

ah!!thnx for letting me know sweetie-that i didn't know

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Well, we got a little action

but not a whole lot.  He pooped last night, but nothing since.  The vet doesn't want me to give him anything since it might cause the diarrhea to flare up again.  Ugh!  I can not beleive I am obsessing about my dog's bowel movements.  :-)  


**********"Life is far too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink"**********