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My Bulldog i love with everything inside me, Turned on my other dog and has left me heart broken

HI everyone.

My name is sam and i own a 4 year old Bull dog :) he is the apple of my eye. When i see him its so crazy as i can feel the love fill up in my heart when im around him and i know he feels just the same. He sits with me everychance he gets. He is mine i know him and i know how much we love each other both. Im a big horse person aswell and have loved horses my whole life, but my Bull dog is first in my life. My horse and bull dog are my everything.

Anyways we also owned a small little black Maltese poodle, who is the most gorgeous loving dog i have ever known. If she is not in your lap and leanging against your for a cuddle, she is not happy. she loved to be loved and loves to give love back like i have never known another dog to love like that.When we got our bull dog as a puppy, we already had a maltese, so they have grown up together. Always friends, always running around together, always playing. Infact the boss out of the 2 was the maltese. My bull dog always allowed her to be first for everything and never ever tried a think with her. We had her snipped long before we ever got our Bull dog. So we decided that not snipping our bull dog was ok and never thought about it again. We wanted to allow him to breed at least once, but have never gotten around to doing it. So we just left it and carried on with everyday life. never thinking anything about it.............. Unil the other day when we feed our dogs (as we always do, everyday exactly the same) but todday was different. My bull dog turned on my little bull dog and landed up killing her. Im heart broken, i cant even begin to say how heart broken i am. Obviously for the most important reason that my baby is now gone and i pray to God that she felt no pain in the horrifc accident that happened and aswell that i feel so betrayed by my bulldog. i feel like imnot looking at him the same. Im heartbroken with the betrayel that i feel from what he has done. This amazing dog that i have looked at for the last 4 years and never thought he would hurt a fly and he has done this. Im heart broken with what has happened. I cant believe it. i dont know what to do.

We took the little tiny body to the spca as we were not sure what to do with it, and they said if we dont get our dog neuted unless we breed then we should have done so. and now i feel like i let her down by not doing that.

HOW DO I GET OVER THE BETRAYEL I FEEL FROM HIM. i will never ever as long as i have my bull dog will i get another dog and obviously im not getting ride of my bull dog, but i feel so betrayed by him and hurt by him. I still love him more than life itself. But what do i do now with all this emotion i feel. I really feel so gutted my baby girl is gone. I miss her so much.

My bull dog has been so Melon Colly since it happened. its strange i think he knows he did something. its so weird. its hard to see him so quite and sad.... he is greiving this whole thing. i dont know what to do.

does anyone have any advice at all for me please.

thanks so much

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So sorry for your loss

Hindsight is a terrible thing in that it can't undo the past. But it can help prevent an issue in the future. There are so many reasons why your Bullie turned on your little dog. It was not necessarily because he was not neutered. If he had never shown signs of aggression before it is understandable that  you were not prepared. Please don't blame yourself. However, like children dogs who always get along well together can have the occassional spat. Anyone with more than one dog should never be surprised if this happens but when the size difference is large as in your case preventative measures should always be considered. Fights during feeding time and even play time are normal. Usually they are all noise but blood can occur. Your Bullie killing your little dog was probably a freak occurence. Your Bullie did not intentionally kill your little dog. Just like you shouldn't blame yourself I don't think you should blame him either. Learn from this: when 2 or more dogs are together always consider the worse that can happen. Hopefully time will heal your pain and this won't affect your love for your Bullie. I do think that he doesn't understand what he did and he is grieving for the loss of your little dog.

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The above answer was spot on

I absolutely think it was an accident and not intentional on the part of the bulldog. I am so sorry for your loss, but since your dogs had gotten along for so long, there was no reason for you to think this would happen.

Please forgive your bulldog. He still loves you with all his heart and is probably very sad that his friend is gone. I am sure he still doesn't understand what happened. He needs your love now, even more.

As far as getting him fixed, it seems clear that you don't really need to breed him. Getting him fixed would be better for him and would likely help himlive a longer and healthier life.

I am so sorry you are going through this.

I can feel your pain through your post...

and want to tell you how sorry I am that you and your dogs had to experience such a horrible incident. I have no advice to offer but just want you to know that I am thinking of you and your dog with sadness.

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How sad for all of you!

What a terrible, sad, confusing thing to happen. I agree with the others on all accounts.

Your bully probably didn't mean anything other than to play with his little friend. Sometimes accidents just happen.

He didn't mean to hurt you and try to forgive him. I know your trust for him has taken a big hit; of course it has. But if he was never aggressive before or since (with other dogs), it's very likely that it was just a terrible accident. I know that doesn't diminish your loss, but it can help you forgive your big guy, who's probably grieving too.

I also agree that having him fixed is a good idea. You're not going to breed him at this point, and it's better overall for his health.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

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oh wow...well honestly i

oh wow...well honestly i really don't think your bully
intentionally harmed the maltese...personally it was a bad moment-a really bad moment and like you said your bully
feels sad and melancholic b/c his buddy isn't there anymore...i agree pls forgive him,and i'm so sorry for your loss

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I'm so sorry

I have no words of advice, but I didn't want to read and run.  I feel the hurt through your words, and I am truly sorry for your loss.  That is a hard thing to comprehend, but like others said, I don't think your bully did it on purpose.  It was a horrible accident.  :-(  


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I am SO, SO sorry, Sam!!! I can't even imagine what

you're going through, but just wanted to say I read everyones' responses and agree with them.  I pray you will be able

to forgive your bully and get through this hard time.  I am SO, SO sorry!!!  ((((( hugs ))))))


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I am so sorry you are going through this. Such a tragedy.


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