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It's only noon and this has been our day so far.  It rained during the night so first thing this morning

I chased Viper all around the deck trying to wipe his feet.  Plank and Squid hold still but Viper thinks 

it's a game and won't let me wipe their feet.  He takes the towel from us and runs away with it.  Then 

I was trying to do the dishes and Viper, My Shadow, was playing with his ball and it landed in the 

dishwasher.  He was trying to get it out and knocked over the trash can in the kitchen.  Then I was 

trying to put clean sheets on my bed and he kept running on top of it playing with his ball.  Then he 

knocked over the water bowl I keep in my bedroom.  As I'm typing this he keeps ramming into my lap 

top with his ball.  He's still going and I need a nap. happy.gif happy.gif

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You are....

........ one silly boy Viper! Let your poor Mama get some rest :)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Vipe, buddy

You've got to slow down, you're going to wear poor mummy out!

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He is such a goofball!!

You have to love that face, he's just such a kissable adorable boy!!


Cathy & Zimmer




Way to go Viper..

Keep up the good work. Mommy really does love every minute of your antics. :)

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ROFLMBO!!!! Viper is too funny!!

You sure have your hands full with that boy! I love him to pieces!


Amy and Sophia

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*gigging*...that face!!! how

*gigging*...that face!!!
how can anyone saty exasperated w/that beautiful face?! lol
smoochies the scrunchy face

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I just love this guy

He so cute how can anyone get upset with him. Viper come to my house and we will have a Ball. Oh I forgot you have all the balls in the world. Lol