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I was watching tv last night

I didn't feel like watching the Emmys so I started watching "hotel hell" with Gordon Ramsey. Now I'm not a big fan of Gordon's but I found out something about him that makes me like him. He has a bully! His boys name is "Rumpole" and after doing some research I read that Rumpole used to belong to David and Victoria Beckham but David gave him to Gordon. He was so cute! Now Gordon called him lazy when Rumpole wouldn't leave his comfy bed. Omg it was so funny. I hope someone else caught this episode too! 


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Thanks for the info.

I'll have to check it out.


Now I like him too!

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awww!!!! I wish I'd seen that!!! Since Gordon is known to

be sooo.....aggressive, etc.....Did they show him with the doggy?  Did it show Gordon's SOFTER side???  :-)  I'm

sure a sweet bulldog could soften ANYone's heart....!!!  :-)  


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