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I need help...long sorry


I haven't been on in a while but about 2 weeks ago my 12 year old Winston snapped at my husband bad and it was totally unprovoked. In the past, the two of them had issues as Winston was very jealous of my new husband (I was alone with Winston for several years). I took Winston to my parents where he stay for a few days and came home on the weekend as my husband went out of town. The days following Winston just didn't seem himself - glazed look - stare at nothing or a wall - very out of breath after climbing 3 steps. I made an appointment for vet this Saturday. This morning I stopped by to see him before work. I was giving him pets and scratches on his butt. When I stopped, he sat down and gave me his paw like he always does (this means he wants more pets). I went to shake his paw and came after me and wouldn't back down. He didn't bite me but was very aggressive. I am besides myself. Called the ver and got an appointment this evening. I am preparing for the worse. I would feel so much better knowing I put him down because he was sick versus putting him down because he tried to bite me. My heart is breaking..has anyone had any experience with this? Any advise/thoughts would be appreciated


Karen and Winston

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I have not but...

it definitely sounds like something physical or neurological is going on, poor guy.  Hopefully the vet will be able to figure it out, let us know what he says.  Sending good thoughts for your boy.

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I agree

He might be in pain, he might not see well or it might be neurological. I am hoping for the best for both of you. Please let us know what happens.

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Prayers for you and Winston

I hope the vet can find an answer for you and Winston.


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Enlarged/Irregular shaped heart

Well he came home with me :) something I wasn't expecting. The vet said phycially he looks and feels fine. As far as snapping at me, she said that there must be an underlying reason. He does have an ear infection so mabye that is the reason. They took blood and I will get results today. They took an xray and found that his heart is enlarged/irregular shaped and pressing on his trachea which explains after he walks up steps he pants and pants and pants. It possible that there could be fluid around the heart making enlarged but an ultrasound would show that. Ask about a brain tumor and he would need to have an MRI. I asked if all this would be a reason to put him down and she said not now. So I will wait to hear back about the blood work and if it comes back ok, I will schedule the ultrasound. If it is fluid, they could put him on a diuretic to try and get rid of the excess fluid. He was such a good boy during all this so right now I going to go day by day


Karen and Winston


You are in my thoughts today... I read all of these bully problems and it scares me to death.. I have a few at home too! and I will Always have a few, they are just the best dogs ever (with ever kind of problem - that is what makes the so damn special) Let us know what the vet says when the results are in....

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I'm sure that an ear problem could...

cause erratic behavior, any kind of pain stimulus could do it.  See how he does when it gets cleared up, hopefully feeling better will stop the bad behavior.

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sure hope

you get some answers. something is definitely bothering him physically....good luck and we will keep you both in our prayers.



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I know when tucker .......

....... Is having tail pocket discomfort or when his anal glands are irritating him or are full he gets jumpy and a bit crazy. I can see how some type of pain could make a bully snap. Good luck. 


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Have you had his thyroid checked? Hypothyroidism can cause sudden agression in dogs. Hope you find out what's going on.