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I just posted in medical section

I'm sorry for this repost but I hope as many people as possible can see it and let me know the deal. Sad day for Sherm. 


-Sherm was here. 

My Bulldog Angel had this medical condition.

I got Angel as a rescue. He was just 14 Weeks old. We got Angel through our veterinarian who was fostering Angel himself. He is the co-owner of a veterinary hospital in Massachusetts that gives a lot of animals free medical care.

A pet store wanted to euthanize Angel because he was so ill. I DO THINK most veterinarians who have obliged, BUT our veterinarian has the biggest heart and he saved Angel and treated Angel free of cost, and REFUSED to euthanize him.

When I adopted Angel he couldn't walk. The pet store that discarded him, had him caged up so long that his muscles atrophied. He had pneumonia and was so weak and sick.
Angel did have a hypoplastic trachea. For Angel it NEVER did get any bigger. His trachea was the narrowest our veterinarian has ever known a dog to ever have. It was so narrow that if he ever needed to be intubated, they DONT manufacture a tube to fit a dog with such a narrow windpipe.

Angel's prognosis at the beginning wasn't good, but Angel defied the odds and had a amazing life. There were a few occasions where we gave him an antibiotic called ZITHROMAX that worked wonders to fight off the pneumonia. There was one occasion after we rescued him that we hospitalized him to receive oxygen and IV antibiotics.

Science couldn't explain how Angel was able to thrive. For some dogs, the windpipes does grow more, for Angel it didn't.

I did fight really hard to help boost Angel's immune system to fight off pneumonia. I did this through his diet and supplements. I also kept his weight a healthy level. I also did all I could so he didn't feel any stress.

Amazingly, Angel was a vivacious Bulldog. He had a huge zest for life and loved to play.

Honestly, I took the same same precautions with heat and over-exertion that I did for my other Bulldog Jeeves.

Angel lived once week shy of 7 years and 4 Months. He was my miracle dog. Angel died of a completely unrelated Kidney disease called Protein Losing Nephropathy.

From a young age I got Angel used to the water. This helped him in the Summer. This would help him regulate his body temperature so he didn't overheat.

I always had some Benadryl on hand, because Angel had hives before, so I could gives him 1 mg per pound of his body weight. There was 1 occasion where I brought to the vet because his face had swelled with hives. I do think it's a good first-aid precaution for everyone regardless of dog breed to have this as a first aid item.

I hope I have given you some a lot of hope. Back in 2004 when I rescued Angel, various people from this board helped me a lot, including Denise who had a Bulldog named JEZ who had a Hypoplastic Trachea. Denise is a wealth of information.

I agree with all the others that having a
BULLDOG-KNOWLEDGABLE veterinarian is the best resource. So many other vets just don't understand the special aspects of this breed.

Also, if surgery is ever required for a BULLDOG, the veterinarian SHOULD NEVER EVER GIVE ACEPROMAZINE. This can KILL breeds such as Boxers and short-faced breeds such as Bulldogs. Also a safer Anesthesia such a Isofluorene should be used.

Sherman is so lovely. He is such a sweet baby boy.

I am so sorry about the loss of your Great Dane.

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That was great post

That must have taken a moment. I appreciate that story it does make me feel better because I don't think Sherman is anywhere near having that hard of a start. And it sounds like your dog did just fine. I will def keep in mind checking to make sure them put him under safely. Appreciate that too. I am definitely in search of a new vet who specializes too. I have seen it so many times that its kind of hard to ignore. Everyone is making that pretty clear. Thanks again. 


-Sherm was here.