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I got this vet for Bull Dogs off the home page

I was wondering if anyone can give me any feed back or review if you've used them yourself. I would appreciate any feed back at all in regards to this vet. His name is Dr Mark Dillsworth an he runs/owns "The Beach's Animal Clinic"
in Toronto, Ont
Thanks again I'm just trying to make a decision on if this is going to be Penelope's full time vet. I've had good dealings with them I just want to know if any one else with a bully baby has been there also.......


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I don't know about Dr. Dillsworth

But if he's on the home page, he is probably a good bully vet. I also have another suggestion, if you are interested.

Although I'm from Montreal, Stella had a Toronto vet for "big stuff", like when she was neutered. He's (or was at the time anyway) one of the premier experts in Canada on bulldogs.

His name is Dr. George Hillis and he's at the East Oshawa Animal Clinic. He did a great job on our girl - and is also a really nice guy. I have no idea if he's taking any new patients.

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thank you

I'll have to give a call an see if they are ???


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