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Hey BDW! This is Maggie, Moze, and Ollie (Schubert's mom)

I know the health forum is not as busy, and need some ideas on some high quality food for Mozie, so am posting here.  He has chronic diarrhea (sensitive stomach), so we are wondering what foods you have had success with.  Is Blue Buffalo still a high quality food? I also found a food named Dr. Harvey's that you mix with hot water and add protein and oil to.  We have used Bulldog 24 for years, but it is not working for him.  He is clear for all parasites and worms.  Just needing some ideas.  Hubby has to go buy something tomorrow, and we hope to try a food that may help.  Thank you!!!

Maggie, Moze, and Ollie (Schubert was my first bulldog)


Maggie, Mozart, and Olivia

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Girl, it is super good to see you:-)

How are those beautiful Bulls of yours doing? Hugs and smooches to those two!

Blue Buffalo Limited Ingredients is a pretty decent food. I also might try Wellness Super Mix or similar, I know a LOT of people who feed it successfully. TOTW is also popular...but I didn't get a good result with Sophia, mainly because she wound up being allergic to potaotes! Silly girl! 

I wish you all the best...hugs to you all!


Amy and Sophia

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Hi Amy! Wonderful to hear from you too! My babies are gorgeous,

and for the most part healthy.  We think Mozie just can't tolerate meat proteins, so I'm looking at the Wellness "Simple" varieties for food allergies.  It depends on what the pet warehouse has...ugh! Thank you so much for responding! Kiss that sweet little girl of yours.  She has grown so fast!

Maggie, Moze, and Ollie


Maggie, Mozart, and Olivia

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Sophie has been kissed:-)

Sophia has a hard time with some proteins. Surprisingly enough, salmon is a no no for her. I got really frustrated for a while trying to find the right food for her. One Saturday evening I ran out of feed, and my feed store that I bought from was closed until Monday. I HAD to go to a local grocery store and bought a bag of Purina One lamb and rice, then prayed Sophie wouldn't itch to pieces before Monday! That was a year ago, and Sophie cleared up so well and has looked amazing on Purina One! She is still on it today. I never thought I would say it, but she is doing better on a grocery store bought food than she ever did on the high end expensive foods!

Best wishes in your search. Had I not run out that night I would probably still be searching for something to help her.


Amy and Sophia

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When Stella had issues, I cooked for her

A pain, but it worked well for her tummy.  We used this product called Urban Wolf, it's a power that you mix with your choice of lean meat.  All the vitamins and minerals you need!  Stella loved the taste!


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hope you get the answers Maggie

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hope you find something that

hope you find something that works for mozzie,my exinlaws have a pit (mr.crumbz),

and he started developping allergies and it really got bad esp on his paws...lesions,sores and all...

so i know it's painful for the babies and to watch them go through that...keep us posted pls

smoochies the scrunchy faces