Hello from Rugby!


We haven't posted in a while as life has just gotten away with us due to the wedding planning/crazy work/quality time with the Rugman ;-)

Rugs was neutered three-weeks ago and was completely back to normal a few days later, albeit a tad stir-crazy as he wasn't allowed to wrestle with his Dad... but he has adjusted well and doesn't seem to miss anything ;-)

I do have a quick question in that we are having an issue with one wrinkle right to the side of his nose (its only about 1inch long but deep). Every other wrinkle is fine, including the same wrinkle opposite. It has been red and irritated (no discharge or anything, but just red) and we have been cleaning/adding cornstarch to it every night. Is there some tidbit that would help try to nip this irritation in the bud (or nose perhaps)?

Here are some recent pics of our little furball :-)

This past lazy sunday... He slept on my lap for about two hours and I didn't have the heart to move!


His new favorite place now that winter is here and its cooler... love the wrinkles:




And last but not least, Rugby had an AMAZING holiday week up in Maine getting spoiled by Nonni (she even let him on her uber expensive couch) and where over 1 1/2 feet of snow fell in 3 days. As last winter was so mild, he never had really experienced true snow. Fortunately we caught this experience on video and its hilarious:

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how totally sweet!he is

how totally sweet!he is sooooooooooooo cute!
his facial expressions regarding the snow are priceless!
smoochies the scrunchy face

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I'm over here laffin' my ass off...

He didn't like that cold snow on his winkie HA !!




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Ha, ha!

Rugby, you are the cutest! That white stuff is COLD isn't it? Especially on those boy parts. Ha, ha!

As for the wrinkle question, a couple of tips. If it's a bit stinky, he might have a slight yeast infection. Don't laugh, but buy a tube of Canesten and use that in there for a little while. Clean and dry first, of course.

If you don't think it's yeasty, buy some Zincofax diaper rash ointment (unscented, my girl didn't like the strong smell of the regular) and use that. The zinc protects from the moisure that may be getting in there. Make sure it's always clean and dry.

Thanks for the great pics and video. Thoroughly enjoyed that!!

Love it and ...

cant get over how much he has grown. He is one handsome bully.

Rugs we Miss you :) but are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Late April isnt that far away ! ! ! and you'll get to meet Hershey this time! That is if those darned Rangers are out of the playoffs by then ! LOL


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Awww.....such SWEET piks....LOVE it when our babies sleep

on us like that!!!  Oh, and that video---sooo cute!  :-)  Meaty and Sophie LOVE snow, but we haven't

had any this winter.  I wish I could hug wittle Rugbyyyy!!  So happy he's okay after his surgery, too! 


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