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Head tremor?

Hey everyone - we just had a real scary moment. Winnie was sleeping next to us on couch & all of a sudden woke up & her head started shaking pretty crazy. It looked like a seizure, but she didn't seem to be in pain. After about 30-40 seconds of us calling her name & petting her, it stopped. I searched the boards real quick & discovered head tremors. To anyone who has been through it, does that sound right? She jumped off the couch & seems fine now. It just really scared us.

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It's possible that this is low blood sugar.

Was it just the head? If this happens again, give your dog a snack (maybe a dog treat w/ some peanut butter) and see if that helps. I hope that this is all it is and that it does't happen again.

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That is my guess as well.

You can almost always remedy this with a tablespoon of ice cream, peanut butter, or Karl syrup. It seems to be related to blood sugar, but I can't back that up with anything but experience with my own girl. I changed her food, she hasn't had a head shake since.


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How old is she?

MacKenzie started having head shakes around 7 or 8 yrs. They do seem to stop if you give them something sugary. I talked to my vet and he said they have nothing to do with low blood suger, but I usually give MacKenzie some honey or Peanut Butter anyway.

Even after getting familiar with them as he has then maybe evr other month or every 3 months, have no idea what triggers them, but they do tend to be later in the day closer to feeding time. So who knows maybe it does have to do with low blood sugar.

They are still alarming. MacKenzie seems a little distressed by them.

It's not life threating. So Don't freak out like Me!. Lol...

I had the exact same scarries with my Bully. I freaked out.... I grabed to just whisp her to the vet. The vet told me he's seen this and that it wasn't life threating. But by me freaking out like I did in front of my Bully could have been life threating to her, I couldv'e Put her into shock by how I reacted. He didn't know how to treated it other than what he has been told by other vets. So it made me wonder about the shaking of the head. I went online, did some research myself and found the same thing you've found on this. But also there were some that couldn't pin point what it could be and what causes them to do this. Did you find this too?... I was very releaved to know it wasn't life threating. So next time I wont freak out like I did. I'll just followed what I found read online from other bully dog owner who experince the same thing with their bully. They said to giving them peanut butter or vanilla yogurt, and raw meat in their diet. This is what I have found online and by calling Bulldog Breeders across the board. I get the same answers from all the breeders I've contacted about this head shaking. My bully has never done the head shaking again since giving her some raw meat from time to time. But if she does again, I'll be ready for sure. Hope I was a little helps for you.

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i freaked when that had

i freaked when that had happened to my archie as well... but it was his low blood sugar...which is what my guess is here also
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Thank you

She is 4- we got her this passed September. I honestly believe it was her food. When we got her she was on Purina Pro Plan non shredded chicken and rice. We could't find the non shredded here, and we like a better quality food ( our last bully was on natural balance duck and potato). We had her on V-dog, but called around to a bunch of pet stores after the tremor and found the non shredded Pro Plan. Shes been on it for a few days and we haven't seen any tremors again. She seems ok, I hope it doesn't happen again. It is so scary to watch! I was actually pretty calm, I just kept my hand on her back and kept gently calling her name.