Happy Shedding Holidays!

Hi Everyone!

Quick question... Rugs has been shedding extensively lately and I just wanted to see (as this is our first fall to winter transition) if your bullies were having the same issue? As he had some skin allergies this summer so I am somewhat paranoid, although there were clumps of hair coming off with the allergies... this appears to be just standard shedding.

Also, Mike posted this picture on instagram yesterday and it was a huge hit... amazing how one year can make such a difference!


I hope everything is having a wonderful holiday season!


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Wonderful pics!

How adobable he is, at any size.

Don't really know about the shedding; winter mine generally shed less with the colder weather. That said, you may be seeing it more because you're wearing dark clothes. My suggestion? Never wear dark clothes :)

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I think your skirt for the free shrunk :P

So cute!  I just want to smoosh the face :)


Fatboy aka Stinky :)

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My Brit has shedding issues

My Brit has shedding issues this spring(flank alopecia). Her color is mainly white like your sweetie. From other peoples posting, it seems white bullies seem to shed more. I bought a FURminator at the petstore & it does work! Its a comb with a metal blade (like the ones on hair clippers). My gal almost purrs when I comb her.

RUGS ! ! ! ! ! ! :) :) :)

tooo cute :) :) :)   Hershey is a shedd monster right now too !


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