Bulldog licking other dog genitils non-stop

Hello Everyone! I'm new tot the forum
Glad to be on board! my issue is as follows......

My male french bulldog is 3 yrs old and he relentlessly pursues other dogs to lick ther penis. It's all he wants to do! Other dogs really don't like it, he's done it to the point where the other dogs have given him warning growls and has got bit. Actually he's been bit several times but he continues to do it anyway even after getting bit!
When we travel with him to my inlaws house, they have 3 dogs and he is contstintly on the move and in the other dogs faces jumping up even when they are all calm and laying down. He goes uptp them and bothers them and tries to get to there crotch.
It's really overwhelming at this point!
I wanted to know if neutering help him with this problem???
We will be nuetring him this week but will this help his fixation??

Thank you all

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I don't have any advice, but

I don't have any advice, but I think my bulldog would like to hang out with yours - he's always standing with his "schtuff" in other dogs' faces :p

Don't let him do it

keep him on a leash and away from the other dogs. You're lucky that he hasn't been seriously injured. Neutering may help but at this point, he's been doing it for so long that it has become a very well practiced behavior.



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The only thing

Is anytime you put a dog under, they may not wake up.....My boys do sniff, but not all day long....Like Lynn says a lot can be done with a leash, even at a family gathering...keep him by your side.....hoping for the best



Mean people still suck

Have you had this dog since he was a pup

or is he new to you?  You need to seriously step up his training and let him know that this behavior will not be tolerated.  He needs to learn what is and what isn't acceptable.  Lynn gave you an excellent idea about using his leash.  He has to be corrected immediately and when he is behaving then give positive reinforcement.    I am surprised that he has not been seriously attacked by the other dogs that he continues to bother.  I have 3 boys, a neutered bulldog, a neutered Great Pyrenees and an intact German Shepherd Dog plus 3 indoor cats and they all know basic good dog maners.   Good luck with training him and getting him neutered is a definite step in the right direction though you most likely will not see any change in his behaviour for quite a while.