Bulldog Gestation for Whelping Puppies for 1st time

Hi, Im an Anxious first timer for expecting Bulldog Puppies, My Question Is on what day from the Ovolation time at Breeding does one need to expect having to have a C-Section? Having raised puppies from other breeds such as Yorkies, Norwich Terriers, I have never had any of my Bitches go they're Full 63 days. Its always been at the 58th & 59th day. I know I need to take her temp & Not to have the puppies taken to early for the sake of the Bitch & the Puppies. Im  just curious as to what day that you to Whom It my concern have paid attention to the day into Gestation that is the Normal date for arrival that you have experienced from having raised this breed. Thank You In advance for your response. Viki

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Progestrone testing

you count from the day she was at a 5 on her progestrone tests and it also depends on if you did AI w/fresh semen or an implant?  Do you have a mentor to consult?

I would never take puppies at 58 or 59 days unless the was a medical issue that dictated it, way to underveloped lungs at that age. 

My bitch went 61 days from 1st AI, she was scheduled for Csection on day 62 but she went into labor.  7 puppies, fully cooked, very healthy, game up very quickly.


Progestrone Testing

Ok, Thanks for your reply. My Bitch was Surgical Implanted. I totally understand what you are saying about making sure that the puppies are fully developed and not taken to soon. I just was concerened at the time to expect it all to take place as I had just spoke to the Dr about when she had Ovulated and according to her she will be at her 9 weeeks on the 20th of this month (January) 2014. So it could happen as soon as the weekend, I have already given the Dr a heads up as they could be getting a call on this comming weekend. :) Thanks Again for your response to my Question. She Is leaking Milk from spot to spot. They told me not to worry about that, I just dont want her to loose her Colostrom. Over anxtious Bulldog Mom. :))

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the counting is different for implants and I'm not exactly sure what it is.  I can do some searching on our FB Bulldog Standard group, because it has been discussed a lot. 

don't worry about the colostrom from a little leaking, she shoud have colostrum for the first 48 hours or so after the csection.  We put puppies on the bitch at the clinic while she is recovering from the section.  Take a heating pad, plenty of baby blankets, and blankets for mom.  will your vet let you in the room during her section so you can rub puppies and suck noses?  I personally wouldn't trust the vet techs to do it. 

Since you have history whelping other breeds you'll know the labor signs and watch temp.


I have the Implant date and It was done only once. Im almost sure that she Is going to be having this C-Section done this coming weekend. Thanks for letting me know that i dont need to worry about her milk leaking. I know about having to have the puppies kept warm and also the Mother. My concern Is her having to go under the Antastetic, Ive heard that It can go to the puppies and they can die from if given to much, But I also dont want her to be awake through It either. It sounds crazy but she Is my baby too.Yes, I know about the Temp & Labor signs.I doubt If they will let me In to help with the delivery and taking the puppies for they're stimulatiion. Which Im Ok with it as I have ussed this Vet for a long time and they do know what they are doing. Im just so excited that I thought Id ask as many questions about this breed I could to get a better insight on them. What Is the degree for Temp drop as they are getting close to watch for? I dont remmember. Thanks Viki