Brewers brother Bernie!!! (picture)

Ok guys here he is. Sorry didn't get home till late. It was a 6 hour drive one way to get him yesterday. We got home and weighed him because we were curious and he is only 4lbs. He is 9 weeks old. So I am assuming he was the runt of the litter. I was a little upset because the people were feeding him adult dog food, so I just got home from buying him some puppy food. Any suggestions on taking care of a runt or how to make sure he develops better would be great. When I get more pics I will post them.


Can Food

I put a little bit of canned puppy food in with the dry food for my 2 pups, and they go crazy!!! Fatten that little guy up!!! The Fatter they are the cuter they are!!! My vet and my breeder both tell me that you can't over feed a puppy, they will stop when they are full, so feed him as much as he will eat.... Lot's of Luck!!!!

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9 wks?

Are you sure he is 9 weeks? That is really tiny for a 9 wk old puppy. Not even my littlest puppy was that tiny at 9 wks. Did you not know this before you got the puppy or was he the one you picked?

Either way he can grow up to be a perfectly happy healthy boy.

Many bulldog breeders do not feed puppy food, but use an all life stages dog food. Puppy food is high in protein and large breed dogs that grow fast don't need the extra protein. Too much protein can cause lots of bone abnormalities with growing puppies.

I have fed puppy food up to 4 months then switch to adult food.

I do not agree with the others post about fatter is better. This puppy is tiny, you do not want to over feed him, but also don't under feed him. I would feed him 4 or 5 times a day, somewhere around 1/2 - 3/4 cup. An overweight puppy especially one as tiny as this one needs to not put added pressure on bones that need to form and grow over the next 6 months. Too heavy can cause illformed bones.

Besure to get him to your vet for his well pappy exam as soon as you can. Did the breeder provide his health check from their vet when you picked him up?

I received all of his shot

I received all of his shot information along with his daily activity program. When I talked to the lady about him she just said he was small. Well I did not know only 4 lbs. He was born on March 28th. His first distemper was done on May 15 and the second done on May 29. He has gotten his distemper at seven weeks and at 9 weeks. According to his vaccination chart. Also dewormed twice and on frontline on 5/29.She gave me info on when his next set of shots are due and those are for June 12. So his wellness checkup and everything else is going to be done on June 12th.


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he's gorgeous.........



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Frontline ?

He is getting frontline for a puppy this young. That is nuts! So this lady never took him to have his wellness exam. That should have been done by the breeder then you have it done by your vet.

Do you have a contract? What health testing is this person doing?

I do have a year health

I do have a year health guarantee. I do not know about any health testing.


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Health Guarantee

What does your contract say they cover?

I only say these things because we should know what we are buying before we go to pick it up.

You should have known this puppy was 4 lbs at 9 weeksm there should have been full disclosure from the breeder.

The breeder is not doing due diligence to make sure they are selling you a healthy puppy. This is not a reputable thing to do. The reason they are not doing these things is because they are being cheap. I suspect a puppy mill or BYB. It costs money to have a vet do a health check on your litter. The puppy not might be a runt at all, but sickly. Possibly heart problems, but because their is no health check by the vet you don't know that.

I hope that is not the case.

We test drive cars, research appliances, etc. when we buy a major item and yet why not with a puppy.

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He is adorable!

Well...PollyAnna was only 4 pounds at 9 weeks. She was very small...but she is 80 pounds now. She thrived with love and not having to share the food dish. He looks perfect to me :-)


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I agree with Angela................he is adorable

It will be fun to see pics as he grows!


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Cutie Patotie


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I agree about the puppy check with your vet

The fact that the breeder is giving him Frontline scares me a bit... he's awfully young for that.

I would bring him in, just to make sure that everything is OK and ask your vet about the Frontline. I think he'll recommend not giving him those meds at such a young age. Especially if he's a bit of a runt - he'll need a strong immune system to be nice and healthy.

He certainly is a little dolly :)

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Best of luck with your new pup. He is one cutie. Can't wait to see more pictures!


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awwww.....Bernie is soooo cute and sweet!!! I don't have

any answers to your question.....but he is sooo sweet!  Hope he's nice and healthy and I'll bet

he will love that puppy food!  :-) 


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