Brewer and I haven't posted in a while, but life is great. He is still a hefty 60lbs and health is good for the most part. The only issue we are having is his nose rope and his eyefolds. They are red and raw and I think itchy to him (he rubs his face in the carpet). Any suggestions? I have dermachlor rinse that the vet told me to try. Didn't work. Tried desitin. He just rubs his face in the carpet to get it out. Did some research and found that it is most likely a yeast infection in his rope and to use monistat 7 cream. Well tried that and showing no results. I don't know if it's because I am not applying it enough or maybe too much. If he sees me with a tube of anything he runs so fast in the other direction. It takes me a good 20 minutes just to catch him to apply stuff. Also his paws (under his feet in between the toes) are red and raw too. I am having a rough time with money right now because work is real slow (hardly making the bills) and really cannot afford the vet if I don't have too. I am to the point though that I feel bad for Brewer and feel like I shouldn't pay my bills just so I can take him to the vet. Anyone have suggestions that maybe I can try



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Can't help with the questions

But he is too cute.


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This could be diet related. Fatboy has these issues when he's

allergic to certain proteins that are in his food. I've been told by others on this board to make sure and rotate his proteins so he does not build up an intolerance to them. What is Brewer on now?


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What are you feeding him?

Grain free food is best to combat skin problems.  We use Natural Balance duck potato and there are many more available.   Also, we use a britta filter for water, that helps with the tear stains and itchy goop.

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Sounds like allergies to me

Others will know more because my bully didn't have allergies like that.  But i've heard a food change can help.  Also, are you using a new soap or other cleanser that might be bothering him?

Is this a new thing?

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he is such a cutie

he is such a cutie patootie!!!
yes had same issues when i had my archie...make sure you wash his folds and wrinkles often ,my archie hated being
touched there so it was difficult to get him to hold still
but what little i could do i used canesten(yes that's right ,THAT canestan,lol)helped w/the irritation/redness and the itchiness...when you wash him make sure he's thoroughly dried esp under there where they are prone to
bacteria and if he is anything like my archie was his face was IN everything esp outside!
every two weeks he had an appointment w/his groomer where he did a more thorough and better cleaning under his folds...a semi thick consistancy w/cornstarch under the folds was something that was suggested to me as well,re:the constant moisture under the folds which is an asier way to manage...but i'm sure everyone in here has some of their own methods which are tried and true...personally for me this worked on my archie
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It's hard to get them to take their meds.

You have to sit on them, put the ointment on them, feed them two treats (one won't do) and then let them and run off. Good luck.

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Is it yeast?

Molly developed reddish-brown stuff in her nose rope and her vet actually told me that I can clean it with the same ear cleaner they gave me when she had yeast in her ears. It is called Triz-Ultra with Keto by DermaPet.  I think you need a prescription but not sure.  I wiped the area once a day and it cleared up pretty quickly.  Now shes having issues with watery eyes so it is on to the next thing! Good luck! 


We have been on the same food

We have been on the same food for a year and a half and have had no problems. Yes it is yeast in his nose fold. Nothing seems to be helping.


If its yeast (it sounds like it could be) inexpensive solution

If his face and paws have that 'corn chip' odor try this solution, its VERY inexpensive to make up

Apple Cider Vinegar - 1 part  (Elcheapo Store Brand is fine)

Hydrogren Peroixide - 1 Part (Elcheapo Generic Brand is fine)

Water - 2 or 3 parts

make up the solution, and store it in a sealable container - 

Dip his paws in the solution, massage it in between his toes etc.  You can also use on the face folds, just dont get it into his eyes (it'll irritate them)


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Having Brewer eat Yogurt and/or Kefir will help fight the yeast.

It will put healthy flora in his gut. It can also help boost the immune system and reduce farting. It is also great for the digestive system.

Jeeves loves to eat Stonyfield yogurt and also The Trader Joe's brand of plain yogurt. He also likes Kefir that I get at Trader Joes. Trader Joes has the lowest price for Kefir I have seen at any store. I buy the Stonyfield yogurt when it is on sale, and receive coupons from them after signing up for them online.

Some dogs have an adverse reaction to dairy.

It is also possible to buy Probiotics at most drugstores and any health store.

I am so sorry sweet Brewer is having yeast problems.

P.S. A trick I find that helps a lot is to put a harness on...

Jeeves to hold him when I have to clean his nose rope, wrinkles, paws, or tail pocket. Otherwise, he is so smart and will hide under the bed.