bad experience with breeder in celebration fl

Hi im new to this forum and i recently purchase a english bulldog puppy from a breeder or company in celebration fl i only had the puppy for a week and the puppy was diagnosed with megaesophagus and pneumonia the puppy don't have much time to live and the breeder wont return my calls or email I'm not here to cry about it or else and im doing my best to save the puppy life just want to know if is possible to posted their name here so this don't happened again to another family.

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Can't post breeder name

But why don't you list all the red flags for people to watch for. Those things you have experienced that people shouldn't do when buying a puppy.

First red flag -- Do NOT BUY FROM A COMPANY! That is producing mass puppies, posting online and shipping. Accepting credit cards is a huge red flag. Screams puppy mill.

Find a breeder you can create a relationship with, one that will be there for you 24/7 for any and all questions. Who produces maybe 1 or 2 litters a year, mostly for their next show puppy. One who is doing health testing and is truly concerned about producing quality standard bulldogs with a emphasis placed on temperament and health.

no problem!

just tring to help others from making the mistake and buying from where i got him from.