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Any update on the remaining dogs from the fire?

How the rest of them are doing?  Any news on the investigation - I certainly hope they catch who did this :(

So incredibly sad.



Cathy & Zimmer



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Copied from the vet clinic webpage posted 5 hours ago:


  • The 6 Foley bulldogs are doing well this morning. No more fluids, they are all eating, drinking, snorting and snuggling their way throughout the clinic!

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excellent news!!! but i

excellent news!!! but i thought i read somewhere that there were 5 dogs remaining since obie n bebe

were put down no?regardless....extra smoochies n hugglies to the scrunchy faces...and wishing

them a speedy recovery

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8 dogs

they lost 2.  The earlier news reports incorrectly siad there were 7 dogs.   While this is good news they still have burns to heal.

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Please keep up dated with any news

This was just evil. Pure Evil.