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I love it when American people get to see/smell durian fruits or animal parts like heads and feet! I have a girlfriend who couldn't even look at a whole cooked fish because it freaked her out to see the skin, fins, face, etc.  I guess she always thought that fish are "grown' or 'raised' as patties or sticks! 

Nice story, very correct on the description.  Chinese people eat durian too... I think it's so foul ( I was born here though) ... I even think poo smells better then durian!! I can't even be in the same room or walk past it.. It makes me want to puke!


sincerely, christine

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Great read

Great read steph-again!needless to say i want to try 

durian now...can't believe something that ends up tasting

so good smells quite crappy!lol

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I had a durian milk shake once.

Meh! Not awful. But I'm not a big fan. I'm glad I tried it, though.

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Boundless merriment?

How can you NOT buy a snack that offers that. And now I'm intrigued by the durian...

Fun article, as always!