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Another of my weekly columns (off topic) on an Indian Grocery

Here's my new column. Actually, I'm not so happy with this one. Everyone at the store was too busy to talk so I didn't get any background story. But, I got to talk with a priest who gave me a good quote.

Thanks for reading!

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I made Indian already one day this week

I make it at least a couple times a month, if not more. Usually a curried lentil that I love. And I tried a potato/lentil stew the other day with coconut milk. It was pretty good too.

I don't know if we have an Indian grocer in Montreal... even the big supermarkets here has a pretty big selection of Indian products. Mind you, not 70 feet of shelf space for rice :)

Fun column! And who is a better interview than a priest - score!

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regardless of not being able

regardless of not being able to talk to anyone for background story...still alot of input and essence...good one steph!