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Amy my Native Dancer bred mare - For any horse lovers

I finally started the task of scanning old horse show photos.  We had talked about Native Dancer once yrs back so I though I would share a few pictures on my Native Dancer great granddaughter.  I bought her as a 2 yr old.  She went on to be one of the top halter mares in the nation.  She was a showmanship queen!  Not so good to ride, but I did win a few big western pleasure classes on her back in the day.  

Her name was Native Trouble.  She loved to share my red vines and Pepsi, would drink right out of the can.  

2 yr old

Nationals, Billings, Montana 1978

Nationals, Albuquerque, New Mexico  1980 

Nationals, Salem, OR 1983 (photo shoot) - Being shown by a friend, I couldn't get work off for the full week.  

Nationals, Salme , OR 1983 - Non-Pro Showmanship

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Seriously impressed!

Native Dancer....the Thoroughbred? Now I have to go back and check! I have Native Dancer TB bred runners.....

Either way, she was gorgeous!! What a huge mare! Like my QH girl, huge!


Amy and Sophia

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Yes thee awesome Throughbred race horse -Native Dancer

he won the Belmont and Preakness. I did a Wikipedia on him and he sired some greats as well, like Northern Dancer. He was the sire of the dam of the great Ruffian.

He was a big grey, the reason she is white (born black with a large white blanket. You can see the skin pigment on her neck. At that time we called it the greying gene and started to figure not good to introduce the grey in the color.

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I didn't think there were two of them! I have 3 Native Dancer

Bred Thoroughbreds. One is a great great grand daughter on her sires side. Another is a triple bred Great grand daughter of Northern Dancer. The third is a great grandson of Native Dancer. I love Native Dancer, he was such an amazing horse:-)


Amy and Sophia