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ah, tap, tap, tap...........testing, testing 1 2 3!

ah, hello every bully!? it's me, techie tillie the radio tester! checkin' out the Reindeer Ranger Radio Broadcast system for da BIG night..........this is only a test.........kin all you reindeer rangers hear me? uncle 008 is showin' me how to do dis........Santa Zimmer, lead Elf Stoshie, yer big radio and earpieces workin'? you gots the most importantist job in da world, so we gotta make sure it's all plugged in just right?!? Rangers! last meeting set for tonight, 2300. make sure we gots it all in da sleigh and nuttin is gonna fall out and boink some poor poodle on da head!! be sure an get yer rest. 'specially you new and littlest rangers! (yer not gonna believe yer eyes on dat night!!)
Bulldog Daddy, Jesus Star.........we bow to you now and ask you to help us. help us help da people learn how to be happy again. so much sadness and breaking of hearts. help us heal them and all da kids that are hurt and sick, everybody who is. help us tell auntie celine, and all who are missing their stellas, it's all ok. let them see the faces they need to in the flame of your candle and feel its warmth, the presence of our hands and hearts holding them close. let them know their hearts are wrapped in LOVE now and as it will ALWAYS be....

help us teach them to love and not shoot each other! put the 'human' back in humanity......

maybe, Bulldog Daddy, we need to teach them to just lick each other or sumthin'! reach out a paw........but i don't thinks them people would like doin' that......just a thought tho'..........we LOVE you Bulldog Daddy. be with us and keep us safe, 'specially on Christmas night.......oh, and please, ask Santie Zimmer not to forget to stop at my house. i been trying REAL hard to beees good.........tank you!

tillie mae OUT!

this has been a test of the Reindeer Ranger Radio Network......



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



attitude is altitude!



Céline and Angel Stella's picture

Roger that, Tillie Mae!

Thanks especially for the wishes to me for Stella. I'm missing her very badly - first Christmas without her in 12 years!

And I agree that anyone with an issue should just lick their enemy. I believe that would solve many of the world's problems. Great suggestion!

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Zimmer is ready!

However I will have to wake him from his beauty sleep...LOL


Cathy & Zimmer



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Roger Miss Tillie! Sophia is standing by!

If you will take a girl that is!!! Sophia is so excited about being Christmas coming! Yeehaw!!!


Amy and Sophia

MacknTeaBoneTillieMae's picture

course we girls is goin'!!!

gottta keep those guys in line!! happy days!!



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



attitude is altitude!



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ah miss tillie da

ah miss tillie da best!

smoochies the scrunchy face