Advice on my 2 year old Molly :)


So happy to finally be up and running on this website! Hoping all you bully lovers out there will be abe to give me some sound advice, as it would be much appreciated! So about 10 months ago we acquired Molly, a deaf british bulldog. We discovered that she had been dumped and quite likely abused. We think the reason for this, is because she is deaf and someone has thought she was no good for bredding. Anyway... we are so glad she came to us, how anyone couldnt love that face is beyond me! (Ill be sure to post some pics for you :) ) 

So usually it has been me that she spends most of her time with, as I only used to work part time 3 days a week, however I now have got offered a full time job, which means Mon - Fri 8-5pm. I am so scared and worried that Molly will get so lonely whilst I'm away. She has access to the whole house, and outside, she has toys and a comfy bed, but is it possible she'll get lonely without me there? Or go on with her day until I get home? I have been trying to get another dog for her, from the shelters, but it takes some time finding one thats compatable.  

So my question to you is: Is there anyone out there who is in a similar situation to me? Is there anything I can be doing to keep her amused during the day? Or am I being a over-bearing mum? haha

Thanks for your thoughts and ideas! :D

Hello, I have a bully name

Hello, I have a bully name molley too. I was very sad to hear your bully (Molly's) story. How she is deaf and the wasy she was previously teated. I just wanted to say to you. Am Happy you molly is with someone like yourself who loves her unconditionally and that you saved her from all that she's been through. I not in the situation your in with Molly because am with Molley 24/7. But here's what I guess you can do. I would look into a doggy care center? I too would worry about Molly in your situation, being what she just went through who wouldn't. I not sure how your Molly would be home alone for  such a long period of time. she's gotten to trust you this far and not seeing you around, how would she be? she might be scared. I don't know and I don't mean to make you worry more than you have to. But for now, I wouldn't leave molly home just because the short time she's found trust and what she's been through. I wish I can watch her for you. She already has my heart.

Sorry am not much help. I can't wait to see your Molley. We send our Best wishest to you and your Molly.

Aude and Molley.

I have thought about a doggy

I have thought about a doggy day care, but I think it would become too pricey unfortunetly. She has been by herself before for long periods of time, just not 5 days a week. Like most bulldogs, she does sleep a lot, so I think she would be ok, I was just hoping someone could reassure me. Plus we still have to get her a set of vaccinations, so doggy day care isn't an option for the mean time. Here are a few pics of Molly :) 


Oh My God.... She is

Oh My God.... She is Gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as my Molley. ; )  J/K

 Am the same way as you with my Molley still. I take her every where with me and I mean every where. Lol... I don't like to leave her at home alone. The only time I'll do that is during hunting season but even than she's really not home alone. My wife is with her. What about leaving your Molley with a friend or family. Someone you can hire in your neighborhood to watch her for you. Like a baby sitter. We have a few kids in our neighhood who goes around asking people in our area if they can baby sit our pets for a small fee. They do it just to make a little extra cash during. I thought it was Pretty smart and a good idea for them to come up with that. They would either pick up your pet for you or you can drop your pet off. You fring the food and toys for your pet and they do the rest. Pretty cool Huh? I didn't need their service. I thought I'd throw that out to you, maybe you have something like that in your neighhood. Maybe some kid or college student is doing this kind of thing in your area too. I also heard of work places letting pets come to work with their employee's. We also have some shelter here that will do pet sitting and their way less that those doggy day care places. The shelters would charge like $10 aweek and you bring your own pet food. It's a good way of helping the shelter out with their expenses, in exchange for pet sitting for you. Do any of your shelters offer pet sitting? I think all shelter should offer this service. It helps both parts in so many ways through this service I think. Please understand am not a weird person or anything of that nature. I just really want to help your Molly out. I have a BIG heart for Bullies and when read your story of Molly's life. I just fell in love with her. That's why am throwing everything and anything I can out to you, I hope it's not making you fell alarmed. That wasn't my intention. So Please let me know if am being a disturbance than of any help. Thank you and sorry if I've alarmed you. 

I'd like to share a pic of my Molley.


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Molly--bottom pic w/ antlers: eye

She is very beautiful and lucky to have you!!!!

As far as going from PT to FT work.  I was home wiht Farley while we moved and I looked for a job and had surprise major surgery for 6 months then went back to work FT.  He sleeps  ALOT and I just make sure he has a lot of atttention when I am home and on the weekends.  Both our dogs are crate trianed and that is where they stay when we are gone.  It's for their safety as well as my sanity. ;)

She will get used to it...the first few days will be tough. Good Luck!

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molly and molley are

molly and molley are beautiful girls!!!
smoochies the sccrunchy faces

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First, she is just too cute! I love the upside down pic and her on the table! 

Coincidentally, I also have a Molly and it was hard for me to initially leave her home alone too. But I think they really do sleep a lot when no one is around.  I also leave Molly a kong that has plain non-fat yogurt in it and I freeze it overnight..  I give that to her every morning when I leave to avoid watching her watch me go (again probably harder on me than her)!! She will be 2 in a few months and is now very accustomed to the routine.  She takes her kong to her bed and never looks back! I do have someone walk her mid day though because it is too many hours for her to hold it, but otherwise she's alone all day and fine! Like someone else said, she ges LOTS of attention and is spoiled rotten when I am home! Try not to worry too much.  She will be okay, especially if she was used to that schedule 3 days a week already. 


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Awww.....everybully here understands your concerns!!! We

also HATE to leave and see our babys' sweet faces watching us through the window, but you're right, she will *probably* sleep a lot....However, I realize with her background, it's a little more stressful to think of leaving her for so long.  By the way, what a CUTIE she is!!! LOVE that upside down pik and the one of her on the TABLE is hilarious and CUTE!!!!  Sooo happy you rescued this precious girl!..



Like someone else said, you could consider hiring a mid-day dog walker?  Also, are you going to confine her in a room with water, food, toys, etc?  (some will leave their babies in a kitchen closed off with a baby gate, or you could get what's called an "X-Pen" (I think).  The only thing that scares me about doggie daycare is that **MAYBE** a staff member wouldn't realize that bullies aren't built to play as hard as other doggies and/or wouldn't know how easily they can overheat.  When Meaty was younger, I took him to a daycare just for THREE HOURS (just so he could play and run and I could run errands in the heat!), and I remember it took him FOREVER to slow his breathing down, and it was the type of extremely FAST breathing that I *almost* took him to an emergency vet.  I'm not saying this happens with every brachycephalic doggie, but Meaty has ALWAYS thought of himself as an athlete and he LOVES to run with larger dogs.  It was heart breaking because I just wanted him to have fun at the daycare for a couple hours!..



When Sophie was a young pupp, we'd leave her in the bathroom with food/ water/ comfy bed/ safe toys.....BUT....when she got bored/restiess, she chewed the WALLS!!!  (scary!) Yes, holes in the bathroom wall---obviously I was horrified that she would be poisoned, but our vet said she was fine.  Not trying to scare you, but trying to be helpful.....  :-)



Whatever you decide, just give Molly lots and lots of extra lovin' when you can, and TRYYYY not to be too sad when you leave the house (yes, I know it's easier said than done!!!   We *still* get sad when we leave them!!!  I made up a silly "thing" that as soon as we leave, they either invite all their pals over and have a big party, or they  break out the drinks and snacks get on "woof book" ( facebook) and socialize with their pals online, telling 'em "our parents THINK we're sad when they leave, but we actually LOVE it!" LOL! ...


Oh lookie!  This is Sophie, about to vent here on bulldogworld about her overprotective parents!!!!  LOL!!!


Our three JOYS !!!  

Sophie,  Meaty,  and, Professor   (adopted in March 2016, went to Rainbow Bridge Dec. 2016)  

Our sweet Archimedes "MEATY" Bones (or as we say...boneSHHH!)    ---born 11/28/08---- our first bullllyyyy!!!

And  SOPHIE  Bubbles *Rapscallion*   (LOL!) ---born 4/3/11----our second bulllllyyyy!!!!  

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If it makes you feel any better

Sherman was used to me being home all the time at first but I ended up working a new job about an hr away. At first I was worried the same way. I couldn't do the crate because its too long and he knows the pee pad routine when he has to. Knock on wood he has never destroyed the house. He does however seem to look very suspiciously nice boy and then I notice the cat litter throughout the house. So when I leave I guess he actually gets his chance for cat crunchies. So that's my new problem. But it could be worse. Also I unplug everything electrical even though he doesn't seem to chew stuff like that. 


-Sherm was here. 

Try not worry....

I had the same problem when we first got CHAPO, figured that if he was home all alone, he would freak out and destroy everything. But once I noticed that just about all bullys I´ve met need their alone time I figured it wouldn´t be that much of a problem. I dont know what type of feeding schedule your on, but CHAPO eats twice a day breakfast and dinner. We just make sure to leave him his food and plenty of drinking water before we leave for work, all the toys he needs and check twice to see if there is something we don´t want him to get to and clean it up. When we get home he´s always sleeping and wakes up with that awesome look; "ohhh your home???" He´s usually very happy to see us, other times he just like "ehhhhhhhhh, you got my food or not?"

And like everyone else says pamper them when u are home u might have a little trouble the first couple of days but eventlally they get used to YOUR routine, and not the other way around.

Thanks for all your advice

Thanks for all your advice and kind words, and all your bulldog pics!!! they're all soo gorgeous!! We leave plenty of water and food for Molly before we leave, she has toys and free reign of the house. (she doesnt destroy the house, which is good!) 

You're spot on when you say she need to get used to my routine, im just a big softy for that face!!

She has been to the vet several times, and according to the vet her eyes are just fine, next visit are the jabs :) 

thanks again, you've put my mind at ease. :) i would still like to get another dog, but i guess that comes with time.