Olivia has an upset stomach

Hi all,

Olivia was bred on 10/28.  She's been vomiting since Sunday morning...maybe that's a good sign...but she's miserable.  She's peeing & pooping so I know it's not a blockage, just an upset stomach. 

I'm now feeding her chicken breast & white rice.  Can I give her Pepto Bismol?  Is there something better? 



Sue & Olivia

Time to go to the vet

Vomiting this soon after breeding is not morning sickness. And even if they get some morning sickness, they don't feel lousy with it, they just urp up a bit.

I would get her into see your vet tomorrow morning to rule out any sort of infection and figure out what is causing the gastric upset. If she is acting miserable, it's more than normal hormones. Better safe than sorry.

Olivia is better...

Hi Jen,

Thanks so much for your input.  Olivia is much better.  She was her perky self when I got home from work last night and ate her dinner of 1/2 chicken breast & rice and 1/2 kibble.  She kept it down & seems fine now. 

It was nice seeing you at Nationals & congrats on your placements.

Sue Beaupre

Glad she is better!

And thank you for you kind words. Nationals is such a good place to connect with every one


Good luck with your hopeful litter!

Please be careful, It happened to me and my girl.

She started vomiting in the beginning every few days a little tiny bit. That was from weeks 1-2.. that is normal.. After that perfect until the 9th week, but in the last week. She wouldn't keep anything down. The last 4 days she was vomiting blood. I took her into vet after two days of the vomiting and the blood present, at first they said it was normal, but I didn't trust it. She needed IV fluids for two extra days  and I almost lost her. What we all thought was 5-7 puppies from ultrasound, turned out to be 9 puppies. One to two puppies were squeezing against her stomach and esaphogus the last week of pregnancy, causing her to throw up anything she ate. It happens more than it is talked about, and usually that's why bitches die while pregnant during the last week in my opinion, cause it's always cause of larger litters in more than 90% of the cases. PLEASE be careful, and monitor her like a hawk, she could be pregnant with a larger litter, which explains the throwing up so soon as well. Usually hormones go more hay wire with more pups early on as well in my opinion.