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OKC Division IV Generic specialty results

Judge - Ann Hubbard
BISS - Ch Lakewind's Barbie Doll
BW/WD - Clark's Gunnery Sgt Rickowski
BOS - Ch River City's Poetic Justice
WB - Imperious HamItup Aztec Gold
Select Dog - Ch Newcomb's Konner J
Select Bitch - Ch Imperious Notorious Bonnie Parker
Best Puppy - Newcomb's Unforgetabull Nat
RWD - Imperious HamItUp Reuben James
RWB - High Caliber's Lady Smith of Royal Crown
Congrats to all of the winners!


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TBCWF specialty results

Judge Earl Kenyon
BISS/WD/BW - Ziethe Hitan Jr
BOS - GCh Red Dog's Unica
WB - Onahill's Cumberland State of Bulldog U.
Select Dog - Ch Newcomb's Konner J
Select Bitch - Ch Pittman's Vasquez Lil Girl
Best Puppy - Cymri Slo Poke
RWD - Lakewinds Invictus
RWB - Imperious HamItUp Aztec Gold

Sweeps Judge Dan Saxton
Best in Sweeps - Clark's Gunnery Sgt. Rickowski
Best of Opposite - Crisco's Sugar-Spice of Lazy C

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OKCBC Saturday specialty results

Judge Arthur (Dewey) Ritter
BISS - Ch Newcomb's Konner J
BW/WD - Cedar Lane's Ironside
BOS - Ch Imperious Notorious Bonnie Parker
WB - Karma's Devil or Angel
Select Dog - Ch Milams Hug-O-Bull Cap'N Morgan V 100 Acres
Select Bitch - GCh Red Dog's Unica
RWD - Lakewinds Invictus
RWB - Poboy's She Rocks
Best Puppy - Frontrunner's Angelina of Rockbrook

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OKCBC Sunday specialty results