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Still having problems with Winston's sides and his hair loss. We have had every test ran, except the thyroid test and nothing has helped him. At first it was 't getting any worse, but now he seems to have a slight rash on it. Have tried Benadryl, salmon oil, melatonin, antibiotics, and nothing is working. Any other ideas?

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Nothing really you can do. They are some other supplements that have worked for others like Missing Link.

He needs some sun bathing. :)

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I agree! A few minutes a few times a day...

Would probably work wonders. Obviously can't be more than a few minutes at a time during summer months, but it can be longer the cooler it gets.


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Did you get the skin

scrapped for mites... We use Neem oil for skin problems with our bully's. We do half coconut oil and half neem oil! It works great... Google Neem oil for dogs, It's worth a shot. Our bulldog had mites and the thought of a chemical dip through me for a loop, I searched high and low for an alternative solution and we have been using the neem oil... we also put some in the shampoo when bathing them. The man who owns the health food store by me told me that back in his country they had a neem tree at his house, growing up - works great on many things... Keeps bugs away from us too! To tell you the truth it would probably keep humans away too (the smell is not that nice! but if it works, you get used to it)

check out this website worth a try

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What does the skin look like

What does the skin look like under the lost hair? Is it smooth and just large swatches of missing hair? If so, I would also say sunbathing.

Two of our bullies had that happen, took them to the vet and they were clueless. I saw suggestions here for vitamin D. Then Diesel just started sunbathing out on our new deck and it went away so we kicked Holly out and hers went away too. It has never come back now that we let them sunbathe.


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