Walking Issues and Stumbling - Beginning of End?

Duffy is now 13.  He has been a great pet and friend but I am concerned we are getting to the end.  While his appetite and overall health seems okay.....I see the following:

1.  His back spin nerves are very sensitive.  If I pet him anywhere below the shoulders, his back legs react - usually collapsing him to the floor.  This has been the case for a year or two.

2.  He has a harder time going up and down stairs.  I do help him up the stairs by pushing him from his back side and downstairs I hold his collar for balance.  I also just carry him.

3.  His standing strength is weakening and he does stumble a bit.

#3 seems to be my biggest issue.  Other than the Fountain of Youth what can I do?  He has never liked walking but I suppose I need to really get him out walking?

I know once I was at the vet and a woman brought her dog walking with the assistance of an under-belly harness.  After about 45 minutes she left without the dog crying so I envision this is my Duffydawg's future fate....

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Try this!

Acupuncture for dogs! My almost 15 year old Frenchie is having similar issues. I've heard acupuncture does wonders. Please consider this before throwing in the towel, especially if his appetite is still great. I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow!

Did you actually do it for

Did you actually do it for your dog?

So do any owners try Rehab or Advanced Care for your older Dawg?

Does any of you do Advanced Rehab or Advanced Vet Care with your vet to give your older dawg more strength?

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We did acupuncture for our boy when...

he was on chemo.  It helped him a lot.  We have a 10 year old that is starting to show signs of weakness.  We give him fish oil and glucosomine daily.  I think it's just a sign of getting older.  He still get a daily walk and that seems to help.

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He had one treatment last year

I noticed a marked improvement just after one session.  I need to go again very soon! It really helps and it is very relaxing for them.