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Vet In Toronto, Ontario Area

Does anyone know of a good Bulldog vet in the Toronto Ontario area? We currently have a vet but it seems like everytime we go the automatic answer for everything is medication, and it usually doesnt work. Im worried they dont have enough experience with Bulldogs.

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Theres one in the beachs

I go there cause they deal with Bull Dogs an French bull dogs all the time. I got them off the home page.The address is 2304 queen St E the # is 416-690-4040 "The Beach's Animal Clinic" I hope this helps if not there is another one in the west end. you'll have to look on the home page to find it though. Hopefully this was a little help.


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My vet is the best for bullies.

Deji Odetoyinbo
Bathurst Animal Clinic
352 Wilson Ave.
Toronto, On M3H1S9

Check out his website. He has looked after my 8 1/2 year old bully, also my first bulldog and various cats. I have referred many bulldog owners to him. Mr. Higgins has a complicated medical history and I would not trust anyone else in the city. He has loads of bulldog experience. You won`t find anyone better, that`s a promise.
I do not live in the area of his climic, but he is worth going out of my neighbourhood.


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Great will look into both thank you!

Thanks, i will be looking into both vets. I live in the east end but dont mind travelling for a good vet.