Twice today Phoebe has

been asleep on the couch and all of a sudden her head has started bobbing side to side. She awakened and continued to lay there. No other part of her body was moving. She did not seem to be hurting in any way. My husband got her off the couch and the bobbing stopped as she walked around. That was the first time. The second time the bobbing started, we got her up but when she laid back down they started again. This is new to me and I am really hoping some one out there can fill me in on what is happening here. It seems almost like a partial seizure but to a lesser degree in severity and body involvement.  If you know of anything about what could be happending or anything which will help us please advise. Thanks. Carol

head tremors

sounds like your girl is having head tremors, alot of bullies have them, i am sure someone witll give you great info 


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Newman gets these too...

his head just shakes like he's got Parkinson's or something.  I give him a tablespoon of Karo syrup and it stops immediately.  It must have to do with low blood sugar.  It doesn't bother them, but it's frightening to watch.  Try the syrup or if you don't have Karo, you can use a spoon of ice cream or something sugary.

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It's possible that this is low blood sugar.

This happens to some bulldogs. They go without eating for a few hours (they've been sleeping, usually) and their blood sugar drops. The fact that the tremors didn't see accompanied by any other symptoms make me think that this is the case. The treatment is to give your dog a snack when this happens. A little bread with peanut butter is good, but it's just getting a little food into the dog that will help.

If the snack doesn't help, or if there are other symptoms, talk to your vet.

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first time that happened to

first time that happened to my archie i almost had a coronary b/c i thought the absolute worst...but karo syrup or a spoonful of yogurt or ice cream usually does the trick,
no worries i'm sure phoebs will be fine just a lil low on the sugar!
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My husband usually puts a big spoonful of plain yogurt ...

on Newman's breakfast and we've found that the days he doesn't do this is when he gets the head shakes.  I think the sugar in the yogurt helps prevent them.

Thank you all for..

taking the time to get back to me. It would seem that she has what you are describing and we will proceed with the advice to give her some sweets if and when it happens again. I did put a spoonful of yogurt in her food today and she has been fine but she may have been ok without it. We were just so surprised to hear this can happen. After 4 bullies you would think I would have heard of it by now. Again thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences. I will let you know how she does over the next while. Carol, Doug and the Phebs.

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head tremors

I have a 4 1/2 year old bully and she started with her tremors one morning and it scared me to death i thought she was having seziures!  so I brought her to see her vet right away and along with the visit I also brought a video i had taken from my phone so the vet could see what exactly bella was doing.  I was originally told it was seziures and that we should probably start her on phenabarbatol right away.  Well, I didn't except that answer and ended up going to see a neurologist.  I showed him the videos and he did his exam.  Turns out it wasn't seziures it was just head tremors.  He said they don't exactly know why they happen but its more common in some breeds vs others and unfortunitly Bullys were one of them.  He said that it could be linked to low blood sugar but there was not scientific proof.  He said that they can last up to about 2 minutes even though that feels like forever, it isn't hurting the dog so not to worry because you being stressed stresses out the dog more and most likely will cause the tremors to comtinue instead of stopping.  in the begining bella was having them every 15 minutes and they would last 30 seconds to at times a 2 minutes.  very scary, but once you know it isn't hurting them it helps you not feel as bad for them.  I have a bag of treats next to my bed so if the tremors happen while we are sleeping I can usually snap her out of it by holding a treat in her mouth but not letting her chew it right away so she can concentrate on getting the treat and not shaking her head.  it works everytime, but at times she will have one or two more episodes before the night is through.  They happen mostly at night these days and they are random.  We went as long as 2 months not seeing her have one, granted she is home alone while we were at work so that time is unknown.  But as long as it is localized to just their head and its usually from side to side, rarely up and down then I was told not to worry about bella getting hurt or anything.  The tremors were more of an annoyance than anything.  There are times she starts to shake a bit while she is sleeping also, and if she is in a deep enough sleep they don't bother her at all.    I am knew to the site, but I am so glad to see that its just not my girl having these issues.  I am a super over protective mom so there was no way we weren't going to see a neurologist just incase!  So I hope this helps also!  good luck!