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So I've been hearing a lot about dog deaths and Trifexis after a TV station in Atlanta did a research piece back in November of 2013.  My bulldog is 55 pounds and he would vomit when we gave him a full dose for the appropriate weight so we ended up giving him a half dose with his breakfast and then the second half with dinner and that solved it.  Other than that, we have had absolutely no issues with Trifexis but I am curious if anyone else has personal experience or knows someone whose dog was possibly harmed by the drug.

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Andrew Arnold

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No Issues Until

I would never give my dogs it after reading this news article. But then I don't give my dogs any of that crap. Thankful I live in an area where fleas, ticks, heartworm is not a major problem like the warmer southern climates.

The vomiting would worry me, you have no idea what it's doing to his internal organs, can't be good if it's making him vomit.

I personally would be looking for an alternative.

Agree with Deb...

Vomiting = problem with it. I do have a fear of heartworm, so give heartgard or equivalent generic wormer on different schedule. This product has been around long enough and tested enough for me to feel comfortable giving it. None of my dogs has ever reacted in any way to it.