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Too young for the operation?

My three month old bully pup Nero is due in for his first cherry eye operation tomorrow morning, the vet told me this is routine procedure and they have dealt with this many times, but im just wondering should i be worried because of his age? hes apaerently very healthy other then the cherry eye itself, i would wait until he was 6 months before operating its just the gland is reallt effecting his eye sight and its getting worse?

Has anyone has this situation before with a young pup, any nice stories to tell me?? :D 

Valerie x

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Just get it taken care of

although I perfer they just be snipped, which can be done with a local.  There is some chance they may get dry eye from tacking but I've yet to hear of a dog actually having this happen.  They can get dry eye without having a cherry eye removed.  I'm guessing your vet is going to try and and tack the gland since you mention surgery.  Just be prepared for it to pop out again.  Seems this procedure is not very effective.  In 16 years I've never had cherry eye so I have no personal experience.  At times MacKenzie's gland will come slightly out after rubbing his face on the carpet, it is easily massaged back in.

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Our first bully had cherry eye at 13 weeks and...

we had it fixed right away, it was awful to look at and I'd never seen one before.  The vet tacked it and it was fine, never popped out again.  If I had to do it again, I would probably have it snipped like Deb said and not have to worry about it.  

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Maude had a cherry eye at six months

We opted for having it snipped and she's had no dry eye or other issues from it.


Monica, Maude and Gus

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Cherry Eye

My little girl had her eye done when she was 3 months old.  She is great now.


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Mr. Higgins` was done at 13 weeks

They were tacked by an opthamologist and been fine ever since. He is 8 now.


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You guys make it hard to decide

 Bouncer has cherry eye now in his left eye he had it in his right but i was ablt to get it back in  and its staying so luck with the left.. anyway I went to a vet will costs 1600 to tack it 175 for removal..I just dont know what to do as I'm scared of him having dry eye ..little boy is only 4 months...please someone help me DECIDE




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I went with the tacking and

I went with the tacking and so far so good and my little guy is 14 weeks old.. its abit swollen atm but that should go down.. the removal will be so much work in the long term!!