Tips on lifting a really tight screw tail

Hi everyone - my bulldog Bosco is on some new medication to help with the raw, red irritation under his tail. Bosco's has a really tight screw tail so it can get really sore under there. Anyhow, he does NOT like having his tail manipulated and it's a real challenge to get under there. He clamps down super hard, making it difficult to get the medicine on. Any tips for how to get him to lift his tail or tips for getting the ointment in there? My husband and I have tried cheese and peanut butter to distract him and get him to lift it up, q-tips taped together to make like a little spatula, putting on the surgical glove and doing it myself...and the list goes on. Welcome your help. Thank you!

We always sneek

up on the dogs when they are sleeping - clip a nail or two! I have one bully that won't let you do a thing to him, he runs and hides! Though just cause he his hiding his face and can't see us, doesn't mean we can't see him (they are not good hiders!) Try the asleep method! it may work....

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You can't lift

a tight tail. It can't be done, tails that are tight do not come up. You have to use something like MalAKet wipes wrapped around your finger and get under the tail by pressing towards the dogs anus.