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Tail amputation?????

So we took Bently to a new vet today, one that actually deals a lot with bulldogs and knows what they are talking about. She looked at his tail and stuck her finger in the pocket as far as her finger would reach (and still couldn't reach the back of the pocket). It is really, really infected. She did a culture and said it was a bacteria playground :/ she is worried about psuedomonas and MRSA (which we are waiting for the cultures to come back for). He is now on Baytril orally and a chlorhexidine wash twice a day. And he is being referred to a surgeon to have his tail amputated :( we have to get the infection cleared up before we can go ahead with the surgery, plus we need to figure out how we are going to come up with the $1500-$2000 bill for the surgery

i am very nervous about the idea of surgery, but it seems to be our only option to help the poor pup. Has anyone had a tail amputation? how did the dog deal with it? what is recovery like? did it actually help the infections?

On the plus side, he is good health otherwise, she even said he weight wasn't too bad (he has lost 3 pounds! down to 67), we are continuing on the diet to try to get him down to 62, but he looks good she said. I am very pleased that we found what looks to be a great vet for our bully. If anyone lives in the Upstate NY area definatly take your bully to Waterville Vet.


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we had to have Gizmo's amputated due to same problems. (Graphic)

So yes, I am experienced with the proceedure -

1) its NOT a cosmetic thing (as some people assume who have other breeds)

2) its a RADICAL surgery (the tail is part of the spine!)

3) in EXTREME Cases - it is necessary.

4)  Gizmo is *SO* Much happier after her surgery (she's 15 months Post surgery now)

This was my biggest shock - seeing her Post Surgery

Post tail surgery by Rettinger, on Flickr



The do's and the don'ts

DO Follow the vets instructions TO THE LETTER !

DO Keep the drainage tubes clean (if they dry/harden up, they wont drain, their whole purpose)

*DO DO DO DO DO* put your bully on the Pain Management ! ! (Pain Pills!)  they are 2 fold

1) helps with the pain of course

2) helps them sleep alot more than usual - the more they sleep and less active they are, the better

DO Prepare of blood 'drippage' thank goodness we have hardwood floors and tile downstairs -

your baby will seem a bit 'off' and not the same for the first few days or 2 weeks post surgery, this is normal - (how do you feel after a major surgery?)

Our Vet did the proceedure on a Thursday - and keep Gizmo over night, into Friday, we picked her up friday afternoon - and we had the weekend to really keep an eye on her (Maybe you can work time off it into your work schedule ?)

DON'TS dont let them over do it.  Jumping up on couches and beds are a big no no. If they are not crate trained, GET them Crate trained ASAP - it will be best for him, to keep his movement restricted -

any more Questions?  I'll try to remember the answers :)


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aww poor gizmo! I do not look

aww poor gizmo! I do not look forward to the surgery. I know it will help him, but it makes me nervous. The antibiotics and shampoo stuff they have us using is working really good....he already smells better :) i know the surgery is most likely inevitable, but I hope we can put it off for a while :/


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I would do it sooner than later. . .

Schedule some time off of work (if possible) and get it done (my Opinion) she is SO much happier, than those 2x a day cleanings. She wouldnt even let us near her tail towards the end, and she is still 'sensitive' when we get near her rear end.

Keep us updated on how it goes- and I'm always here to answer any question (if I can remember how it was! LOL)


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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WOW......I paid under $300 to

WOW......I paid under $300 to have my girls tail amputated. You are not the first person that has reported paying in the thousands for a tail amputation.



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We were quoted around $2,000.00 too.

We didn't end up having it done as he passed away prior to the surgery.   Unrelated to his tail.    :(