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Suggestions needed.

Right now and for the past month or less Tucker's tear stains have been bad. The get really crusty and it appears to make his head itchy. He tries to rub his head on the bed etc. he also has been scratching his head with his paws. 

He is on a grain free food, same one for three years. We use a brita for his water. His treats are grain free for the most part. In the area of his tear stain it's raw and I know it's bothering him. He has been raw like that before but it's always in the summer when it's humid. This isn't usually a problem. 

So two questions, what can I put there to soothe the area and what else can cause this?? The weather here is fairly cool now so could it be the weather change?


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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my archie had something

my archie had something similar on/off his face was constantly where it wasn't suppose to be!

groomer was the only one who could get in there to clean...keep clean and dry as much as

possible ofcourse as you know,and use canestan for the itch and redness...depending

on how raw it is or often gets try a dab of baking soda paste...once it twice that he used

on archie it worked really well!


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We've always used Desitin for raw stains...

You are doing all the right things to prevent them.  We always know when it's time to change the Britta filter, Newman starts to get red stains on his face.  If you use Desitin, be careful not to get it too close to the eye.  

I normally use Desitin...but I have also used Gold Bond Powder

I put it on a Q-tip to put in the red area to dry it out.  Also, I have use Angel Eyes very sporatically...maybe twice a year.  Dooley will get bad tear stains for unknown reasons   Nothing that I have done has changed...as far as food or outside.  The Angel Eyes changes the PH and after a couple of weeks tear stains diminish.  I stop using the Angel Eyes and may not use it again for many months.


We use

Triple paste.. and we LOVE it, it works great on them...

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Where do you get that?

I've never heard of triple paste. 


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"