Spinal injury

Hello there, I'm just checking to see if anyone here has had any experience with spinal injuries?  My girl was admitted to Tufts yesterday.  They believe she had injured her spine which is causing her to be partially paralyzed in her rear legs.  They are going to do an MRI tomorrow and if they see the cause they will operate immediately.  If not they will do a spinal tap.  Just freaking out.  Anyone go through anything like this?

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No injury but...

Chester has hemivertibrae in his back which can cause problems if he gets injured.  We are very careful not to let him on furniture and not to play too hard.  Did they mention using steroids to help with the inflammation at all?  Sending good thoughts and prayers for her.

They have not mentioned

They have not mentioned steroids yet. I feel sick to my stomach waiting... I should hear something by late morning.

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I just thought of that because...

we had a lhasa apso years ago that was paralyzed and they gave him a steroid shot (maybe cortisone, not sure) and it helped for a while.  I know how awful the waiting is for you, hope you get some good news.  Please let us know what they say.

Just heard back the they did

Just heard back the they did not find any compression to the spine so her issue is not injury related. They are now doing a spinal tap and they are think that she has somne type of auto immune disease or infectious disease. Hoping whatever she has is treatable. Now I wait again for more results.

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Fingers crossed...

thanks for the update.

spinal cord injury experience..

Hi there, 5years ago our bull mastiff became temporarilly paralized on her right side after jumping out of the truck. she was over weight and the pressure on her neck and spine from that angle was just to much.. after an MRI they believe a piece of her spine/disks in spine chipped off and eneded up causing nerve damage in her neck.. we had to move her around on a bed sheet for almost 3 months, but we were so lucky to have the Oregon State Vet school near by wich had access to many amazing physical therepy options. Because the injury was nerve related it took  a longer time to heal but she did heal. She unfortantly still has slight atrafee in her right from paw, but I believe that could of been helped by focusing on specific attention to her foot. We were so focused in the begining to even get her to stand. We had her learn to walk again on a under water treadmill and she swam in there therapy pool.. It was amazing! Dont loose hope and do some research into rehab options near you once you find out what your up against.  

we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers !