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Running Stools, Paw licking, Please help!

Our little guy is 11 mos old.  He's been awesome with the potty training since we got him at 8 weeks old BUT now we might have a problem.  He sleeps in his crate at night and now we have been leaving the door to the crate open but we block off with a gate so he can only stay in the kitchen area of the house.  The past 3 mornings we have gotten up to running poop on the kitchen floor.  He goes out at 10 pm to do his business and then my husband will get up about 5 am to find his surprise!  Poor little guy must have an upset stomach.  We don't yell at him and give him lots of love in the morning but I am hoping we are not making this a habit.  He has been licking one paw a lot so wondering if this could be allergies or a seperate problem.  He is eating and drinking with no problems.  Any advice?


The paw licking might be allergy.......

.......and unrelated to the nighttime pooping.

Is his poop a normal consistency during the day? 

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Fertilized Lawn

Have you fertilized your lawn or over seeded or done anything that he is licking up from his paw?  He also could have picked up giardia if he drank some not so good water.....OR he has a tummy ache.

Foot licking can be allergy related, but my Norbert licked his feet if he went outside and they were wet.  Since it is only one paw he could have gotten something in that paw or got a bug bite, has an IDC.  Check the paw good.

Pumpkin works or if the diarrhea continues you may need to take him to the vet for a check.  You coul also take in a sampole of his stool to check for giardia.

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Boiled chicken and rice until his poos r back to normal..

Maybe he just hurt his paw, so it was a coincidence? I think if it were an allergy it would be both paws? 


sincerely, christine