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removing ear canals due to hardening/infection?

Hi all,

Just an update on the bulldog Louie that needed a home- thanks for everyones help, we were able to find a him a temp home until the owners son can buy a place so Louie can still visit his elderly owner!

The son took him to the vet on SAT, turns out that Louie has such massive ear infections on both ears that the vet said his ear canals are hardened and that he probably cant hear anymore .. anyways, his solution is to remove them with surgery! Has anyone heard of this before?

I suspect his elderly senior owner didn't take very good care of him for probably the last year or so. We think Louie can still hear too. We recently switched him to grain free food as well. Is there any reversing this issue? Also does anyone know any good bulldog vets around San Francisco so we can get a second opinion? Louie is going to see an allergist next. Thanks everyone!


sincerely, christine

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Hardening of ear canals

Yes! I have heard of the surgery and my dog almost had to have it but I brought him to a specialist (dermatologist) and she was able to get the ear canals back open with steroids first then antibiotics. His ears have been clear now for over 5 years! It turned out to be a food allergy that caused the problem! Try to avoid the surgery if at all possible.

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my boy too

Mr. Higgins a few years ago had tightly closed ear canals. My vet says he is by far, not end stage and surgery is not an option. He has been on a weekly steriod ear drop as well as Atopica and his canals are improved with this combination. His hearing is not perfect, but good enough. The drops and cyclosporin prevent any worsening of the condition, that is his ears are maintained. He will be 10 in the summer and is a happy boy. Best of luck.