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Redness on my bulldogs sides

I recently took Winston to the vet, for redness on his side and loosing hair. he gave him a steroid shot and put him on antibotics but it doesn't seem to be helping....his other side is starting to look the same. Any ideas?

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We had same problem years ago; sounds like a food allergy...We

went thru vets and steriods until one day I posted just like you did and this wonderful person told me about her dog doing the same thing she put her on Solid Gold Dog food and in 3 weeks her hair was growing back and no more redness or baldness it even helps the wrinkles and ears from infections...It was a miracle for us...but it works and 10 years later we are still using the same food and not having any troubles since...

No scraps and no treats...
they even have shampoo and rinse for dogs


We love Bulldogs...
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Thank you

It is worth trying, although I have never heard of it. I will check our local pet stores.