Red and itchy

Dozer has been diagnosed with a yeast infection, northing seems to cut it, it's been off and on for a year now.  It's not from outdoor allergies because we've been in the deep freeze for a while, we are trying a hypoallergenic food now but?? It doesn't look promising so far, any ideas?  He's just miserable:(

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Somtimes hypoallergenic food isn't so terrific...

I would find a good, grain free food and slowly switch to that.  Is there anything in your home he could be allergic to - detergent (Tide is the worst), rug shampoo, bug spray, floor cleaners, air fresheners, etc.  

You can

use good ol monistat. I've used in their ropes before - I also swear by triple paste diaper rash cream!



I think Ive talked to you

I think Ive talked to you before about Dozers allergies, we changed food about 2 yrs ago to grain free sweet potato and fish and it cleaned up the hairless patches and skin issues we did have, now this yeast developed showing up all over his belly and his junk and my vet suggested the hypoallergenic, but anyway, the feet are always itchy and sometimes i use a anti fungal foot wash that helps.

are you

in a snowy area... If so, dry him off when he comes in, the yeast grows in wet warm areas...