Rare colors????

Hello Everyone and thank you for letting me join.

My name is Luis Jasso, and my family and I are new bulldog owners. We have created a great project for breeding here in Mexico, but yet it is still a project, I am still in the learning process. I have a question, I have seen a lot of people selling "rare color" bulldogs as blue o black tri or even lilac, with DNA testing and certified "tri-quad" gene carriers. I am pretty sure the genetics of the dogs has been altered or even some sort of crossbreeding as in mini bulldogs. Are these colors somthing that is frowned upon, is this permitted in competition? How did these people come about these colors because the prices are super high I have seen a few specimen upwards of 15.000 dls, which is not even what you would pay for a dog with a super high quality pedigree with multiple champions or of great descendants.

Thanks for your help.

Dr. Jasso

Rare colors....

Unfortunately there will always be people waiting to prey on those who are unaware.  Of course, these colors are rare because they are undesirable.  The accepted colors are listed in the official Bulldog standard.  While there are no specific disqualifications from showing for Bulldogs except for a dudly nose in the American standard, it does state that black is highly undesirable.   I have never seen a black, nor have I seen a tri color.  Only unscrupulous people would purposely breed for the colors you described.


Thanks Micki I was pretty sure things were pointing in that direction, dont get me wrong the dogs look beautiful, but being a physician I knew something had to altered, and on the other hand being new to the bulldog world I wasant really quite sure if that was ok or not, I mean they offer AKC registration OFA health certificates and soemthing like 2 yr garauntee, so they make it sound really believable.

I appreciate the help!

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I have a Tri coloured Bulldog Black ,white and a little brown. Breeders that breed these dogs are breeding for colour not quality of dogs.  I have had a lot of trouble with this dog we love her very much but does have a lot of medical problems.  She did come with a garauntee but try and get your money back..  By the time she was 4 months old she had 4 operations.  Breeders should not be allowed to register these dogs.  That would stop it.  Don't get me wrong I would never part with her she is the most lovable bulldog I have had.  We have 3 right now, but the breeding for rare colour is wrong. 


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wow,she is a beauty....!

wow,she is a beauty....!

Thanks Black!

She´s a pretty little girl, and I appreciate the help, I think I have made up my mind about the "rare colors" and have come to the conclussion that it is not done for the best interests of the animal. I have also talked to a Genetics Specialist, and he informs me that the majority of these dogs are in fact cross breeds with other dogs such as frenchies or even boxers at times, also he informed me that in some cases it hase been scientifically proven that the gene structure has also been altered to get these "rare colors" and like you said they are dogs with higher incidences of genetic anormalities.

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The first rescued bulldog I

The first rescued bulldog I got looked like Rottweiler coloring.    He was absolutely beautiful and I loved him to death.   Unfortunately, he had to be put down due to extreme temperment issues.   He went through several families and trainers.    He would just snap and attack.   At 80 pounds, he was dangerous.   I know that these issues can happen in any dog, but I always wondered if it wasn't due to the breeding for color.

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I applaud you for doing research

Rare colors are nothing but a marketing ploy to get people to spend a tremendous amount of money for a dog. I could buy a very lovely show quality pup for what these people charge for a "rare color". You will not find a reputable breeder who is breeding these dogs.



So here´s an update, after all the investigating and looking around we have decided that those "rare colors" aren´t for us. After all that everyone has shared with us and horrible experiences taht they have had with theses types of dogs. I went and talked to a vet who specializes in bulldogs here in Colima, Mexico and his oppinions didnt differ forma anyone elses. We finally decided on a 6 month old red/brindle Piebald whos name is Chapo, dont ask about the name his previous owners gave it to him. We are thrilled to have him in our home hes a funloving little guy and my son is super happy to have a companion whos follows him everywhere.

I thank you all for your help!

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Congrats on the new puppy!

Very cool!


Amy and Sophia


You should share some pictures of you new family member! We love pictures :)

Congrats on the new addition.


Bean, Chloe, Jackson taking over the bed as always!

Here is one of Chapo!! Not a

HereCHAPO is one of Chapo!! Not a very good pic but ill get some more.

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Post away with the pictures.

Rare colored bulldogs is

Rare colored bulldogs is simply a trend. Bottom line. 


I enjoy animals, but I love Bulldogs. 

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