Progesterone test.

From the article on this site it says 5ng is the magic number. My girl tested at 4ng yesterday and 8ng today. So I'm guessing today is the day of ovulation. On that note, the lab my vet used stated on her results that I should still do vaginal cytology every 2 days and restest when she is 60 % cornified. hmmm. I'm thinking the lab is missing the boat here. Your thoughts?


5 ng

Is the magic number that indicates ovulation occured.  I wouldn't be continuing to do cytology.  I only have cytology done once, before the very first progesterone blood draw, I guess just to confirm she's started the cycle....even though I know from the bleeding and swelling--maybe I won't even bother with that next time.   If you do a search for Dr. Hutchinson, you'll find one of his seminars that explains in good detail.  Good luck!!