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Please any help????

Got this email and hope maybe someone on this forum might have some idea's.....


 I am writing with hopes of getting some help/advise from you...  We had her tested to see if she has allergies and if so what to. the test showed she has no food allergies but is allergic to timothy grass. We have tried everything. she has been on allergy shots and those did not help. we tried the benadryl and that does not help. We tried cyclosporine given to her by the vet and that does not help. the only thing that gives her relief is prednisone and of course she can not stay on that as it is not good for them its only a temp fix. She seems to be very anxious and hyper plus she does always seem to need attention constantly. if we have been playing with her and then try to play with chance it seems that’s when she starts licking her feet or if you played with her and stop do do other things around the house she will start licking her feet as if she gets mad or jealous. she paces quite a bit and cant sit still. she is on a prescription food so she does not get stones again so that is really all she can have. I am now leaning twards her maybe needing to be on something to calm her. (instead of it being allergies). She gets walked and we throw the ball with her everyday and she runs and catches it so she is getting plenty of activity. My vet has run out of solutions and she is now telling us to take her to a dermatologist but I don’t think she needs to see one. as far as her skin goes, she has no skin problems. So I don’t know what to do from here. I want to help her but I am running out of ideas. please let me know if you can shed any light on this. I thought you have more experience being a breeder and having so many dog’s you might know what to do next.

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A list

Any chemical spray on grass? Does the dog have a blanket?  What do you wash it in, if it does?

What kind of Prescription food?  Is the dog on meds?

What do you use to clean her feet...I'd try the yellow listerine and distilled water 50/50 mix, as it kill yeast

Some soak their dogs feet in epson salts water. But one or the other on the listerine or epson salts.

While I'm no expert....I'm thinking food....Vets are [to my understanding] woefully under educated in the true needs of a canine.  If that special food has any type of grain in it....well, not good.  Who says "that all the dog can have?"  

While you have to make the decisions on your dog yourself....there are many vets......Also is she a bulldog friendly vet that knows the special needs of bullies?

Maybe look into raw feeding groups and see if they have any suggestions.

Good luck



Mean people still suck

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Alot of information to pass on!  Thanks

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No advice or help, but just hope they can find answers soon....

sounds really complicated.....poor thing!  Tell 'em a concerned bully lover sends prayers and ((( hugs ))).

Meaty's paws are just getting worse all the time, and we are trying soo many things---it is heartbreaking

to see those swollen, red cysts so often  :-(  


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some thoughts for you...

 We dealt with our bully Rex for 10 years with his allergies. He was allergic to everything, grasses, molds, grains, even meats. We tried everything, shots, restrictive diets, all types of soothing  bath products. We tried Atopica, but nothing worked as well as the prednisone. We had seen many vets over his life time (10 years). Rex basically was on preds the majority of his life. He was 60 pounds and we found that giving him 5 mgs everyday eased his allergies with a restrictive diet (no grains, limited protein). One vet said this small amount could not be helping him but it did. Another vet told us to give him the 5 mg every other day...but Rex's itching came back. We made the difficult decision to keep him on the 5 mg of preds  daily in the hope that he would have a shorter comfortable life rather than be itchy and miserable because nothing else we tried soothed him. We lost Rex this past June and had 10 wonderful years with him. Most of the time he was comfortable and fun loving and goofy. There certainly are risks with the decision we made. I think the suggestion to see a dermotologist is a good one because although her skin may not be broken out or itchy, the dermotologist can address the itchy feet. I know it is so fustrating dealing with this. I would suggest continuing your search for other vets opinions. I know others have been successful with raw diets. This did not work for us as Rex was so allergic to meats :-(  Good luck!


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