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Pimples sores on face ? ?


My bulldog has got his pimple sores back on his face again, but this time way worse then before. Last time it went away

Anyone have this happen this bad before ? And what did you do to help heal them ? I feel so bad for him right now, they bleed alot and they seem to bug him alot. We dont use metal food dishes

Thanks alot

Heres a picture


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Food dish

if you don't use stainless what are you using?  If you are using plastic that could be the problem.  Is he a puppy?  Puppies get juvenile acne. Is he spending time in a summer pool?  Do you wipe his chin dry after he drinks.  It really could be a number of things.

Stainless dishes - washing after ever feeding.

Wipe chin dry after drinking.

Dry after kiddie pool use.

Wipe his chin after eating with an antibacterial wipe.

If you do these thing religiously for 2 or 3 weeks he should clear up.

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That's what I do too but sometimes her chin will just get red anyway.  I notice it more after she chews on a certain toy for awhile, but hers doesn't seem to bother her and isn't sore. It is just kind of a small pink hairless patch now! If he has an open sore though, I'd definitely keep it clean to avoid an infection. 


We just went through this with Dooley..

I finally took him to the vet and he ended up doing 2 rounds of antibiotic.  He has always used stainless steel and I wipe his chin,  but this continued to get worse and looked very sore. 


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We found that using a Lixit (pics) helps alot

Although both Harley and Raven get a few bumps occasionally we have found that using the Lixit for their drinking water so that their faces are not getting wet or needing wiped down really helps to keep their faces looking nicer. 


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Harley cube

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where did you find the stand?

I have the lixit bottles to attach to the wire crates but where did you get the stand and bottles you use??


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My husband made the stand and I bought the Lixit

bottle on Ebay.  We had a older style lixit that we had to remove to fill but these are a lot nicer because they fill from the top.  


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Stainless steel dishes and wipe his face after

he eats and drinks, it should help.  You may need an ointment from the vet to help clear up what he has now.